LED Bulbs Replaced With Incandescent Bulbs, Move Saves Rs 45,000 Crore Annually, Says Piyush Goyal
Piyush Goyal (Photo Credit: ANI/File)

New Delhi, July 9: Union Minister Piyush Goyal has stated that the nation is saving Rs 45,000 crore annually after LED bulbs have been replaced with incandescent bulbs. In one of his tweets, he remarked that when the project was planned, they faced a lot of skepticism from all over. However, he said that after 90 crore LED bulbs were replaced with the incandescent bulbs, it's saving taxpayers' money.

Besides this, Goyal also applauded the work carried out under the regime of BJP-led government in the country. In another tweet, he said that every citizen should be proud as they have successfully "managed to bring electricity to every single house." He further claimed that bringing power to every home was not possible in the last 70 years but their government made the project successful in just four-and-a-half years and that they also laid three-lakh kilometre optic fibre cables effectively.



In April this year, PM Narendra Modi announced that every village in India has been electrified and called it a historic day in India's development. In his first speech from Delhi's Red Fort, Modi promised that 18,000 unelectrified villages in the country would get power in 1,000 days. Following this, in April, the Modi-led BJP government claimed that they have fulfilled the promise.