Nellore, June 13: The novel coronavirus crisis has deeply impacted our lives. Many people have been left unemployed due to the pandemic. In one such case, a Telugu teacher lost his job and ended up selling bananas. Venkatasubbaiah was teaching students for nearly fifteen years. When some of his ex-students heard about his situation, they started raising funds for him, The News Minute reported. Coronavirus Positive Teacher in Ladakh Takes Online Classes Due to Passion For Teaching And Concern For Students.

The former students, who Venkatasubbaiah taught about five to six years ago, managed to raise Rs 86,300. According to the report, when the lockdown came into effect, he was teaching students at Narayana School in Nellore virtually. Indian Jugaad at Its Best! Netizens Praise Teacher For 'DIY' Tripod With Hanger and Chair to Support Her Phone and Conduct Online Classroom (Watch Video).

However, on May 14, school administration told Venkatasubbaiah and five of his colleagues that their “performance had been unsatisfactory.” The school was not talking about their teaching abilities but their ability to bring new admission.

"We tried to explain that it had been difficult to go canvassing for admissions during the pandemic as people wouldn’t let us into their houses. But they called us incompetent,” Venkatasubbaiah was quoted as saying by TNM.

Venkatasubbaiah, who completed Bachelors in Education (BE) and has two masters degree in Public Administration and Telugu, was removed from the work-related group chats on the next day. Due to this, he started selling bananas, to pay off loans which he had taken during his son's treatment.

"Selling bananas is a temporary job. If so many former students from years back wanted to help me, I must have made an impact as a teacher. I want to go back to teaching eventually, even if it pays less," he said.

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