Chennai, July 4: Authorities have declared a public health emergency in Puducherry's Karaikal region in the wake of a diarrhoea outbreak. In a statement, the district administration said schools will remain closed from Monday till Wednesday to clean up the water tanks in the surrounding areas.

The situation, according to the district health department, is worrying as cholera have also been detected along with diarrhoea in many patients who are currently hospitalised. Diarrhoeal Outbreak in Puducherry: Public Health Emergency Declared in Karaikal Region.

On Monday, Karaikal District Collector Mohammad Mansoon said: "We have taken the samples of several cases and have found the presence of Vibrio Cholera. Given the rising number of cases consequent health emergency declared, we have invoked Sec 144(2) of CrPC."

He addedthat all restaurants, hotels and eateries have been directed to provide boiled RO-treated drinking water, adding that the establishments were also directed to clean and chlorinate all water tanks. The administration said that the amount of chlorination required is around 0.5 mg per litre of water.

Mansoon has directed revenue, food and health inspectors to conduct surprise checks at the eateries, restaurants and hotels, as well as wedding halls and clubs, to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained. According to the district administration, around 1,600 people had diarrhoea and stomach pain-related ailments and were admitted to hospitals in the past few days.

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