Exit Poll Results by Republic-Jan Ki Baat of Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: BJP to Win 95-114 Seats
The official results of Karnataka assembly polls will be declared on Tuesday | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Bengaluru, May 12: The exit poll released by Republic-Jan Ki Baat predicted a victory for the BJP in Karnataka assembly elections 2018. The post-poll survey said the BJP could win 95-114 seats, with a vote share of 43 per cent. The Congress, on the other hand, is predicted to win  87-99 seats. The JD(S), is predicted to wrest 21-30 constituencies.

The state-wide Karnataka assembly polls were conducted today in 222 of the 224 constituencies. Polling in two seats - Jayanagar and RR Nagar - were deferred to May 28. While the election in RR Nagar was countermanded after the seizure of over 9,000 fake voter ID cards on Tuesday, Jayanagar witnessed the death of BJP candidate BN Vijayakumar on May 4.

Here is what the Republic-Jan Ki Baat exit polls predict for Karnataka assembly elections 2018:

Party Seats Predicted Vote Share
BJP  95-114  39%
Congress  87-99  37%
JD(S)  21-30  22%
Others  1-8  05%

Chanakya has earned the tag of predicting the most accurate poll outcome, following the success of its exit poll predictions in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, followed by the assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

However, the agency ended up missing the target in 2015 Delhi assembly elections, followed by Bihar (2015) and Gujarat (2017).

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The official results of Karnataka assembly polls will be declared on Tuesday, when the Election Commission of India is scheduled to begin the counting of votes from 8am.