Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Election Commission to Release Short Films to Motivate North Kolkata Voters to Vote
File Photo | Election Commission of India Building (Photo Credits: ANI)

Kolkata, March 13: To encourage voters in North Kolkata to go out and vote on May 19, the Election Commission plans to produce a dozen short films highlighting the traditional markers of the city, an official said here on Wednesday. At 66.67 per cent, the constituency had the lowest turnout in the state in the 2014 parliamentary elections. It dipped further to 64 per cent in the assembly elections, said North Kolkata District Electoral Officer Dibyendu Sarkar.

To improve the figure, "we had to do something innovative", he said. "We are planning to shoot a dozen 60-second films to motivate voters. We have named the series Ek Dojon Goppo, based on the title of an immensely popular children's book by Satyajit Ray. The idea is to capture the markers of life in North Kolkata, like the beautiful mornings, the old-styled verandahs and the hand-pulled rickshaws," said Sarkar. Tamil Nadu: Election Commission Conducts Mock Polls to Raise Awareness in Chennai.

"We required a series of stories to convey to the people that the way they are proud of the city's traditions, they must be proud voters as well," he said. The films will be shown on North Kolkata streets from end March or early April.