Priyanka Gandhi Gets Emotional While Meeting Inconsolable Family Members of Sonbhadra Firing Victims, Watch Video
Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi (Photo Credits: IANS)

Mirzapur, July 20: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who was stopped from visiting Sonebhadra district in Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday met relatives of two affected families at the Chunar guest house where she is detained since Friday. Since authorities didn't let Priyanka Gandhi leave the guest house, some family members of those who killed in the Sonebhadra firing arrived there to meet her.

Visibly emotional Priyanka consoled the female family members who continued weeping while holding the Congress leader. Following the meeting, Priyanka said she won't leave until she meets all families of the victims of the Sonebhadra carnage. "Is it a crime to wipe the tears of these people?" Priyanka tweeted attaching a video of the weeping kin of victims of the Sonebhadra shootout. Crime Won't Be Controlled by Gagging Opposition's Voice, Says Congress.

Priyanka Gandhi consoles family members of Sonbhadra firing victim:

Ten people, from the Gond tribe, were killed and two dozen injured in a caste clash over a land dispute in Murtiya village in Sonebhadra. Priyanka was on her way to Sonebhadra to meet the victims' families when she was detained at Narayanpur in Mirzapur. She was taken to the Charu guest house where she spent last night. She that she would not return to Delhi without meetings the victims.

Priyanka described the killings as a "massacre" and has refused to fill the bail bond of Rs 50,000. The Congress leader said that the administration informed her that she was detained under section 107/116 of the CrPC. "I have not done anything wrong and so I will not fill the bail bond. District administration and the government is free to send me to jail if they want," she added. Kisan Congress to Hold Nationwide Protest Against Priyanka Gandhi's 'Arrest'.

"The Uttar Pradesh government has sent ADG Varanasi Brij Bhushan, Varanasi Commissioner Deepak Agarwal, Commissioner Mirzapur and DIG Mirzapur to tell me that I should return without meeting the victims' families. They have not given me any reason or documents for detaining me," Priyanka earlier said in a tweet. "I have made it clear to them that I have not come here to break any law but to meet the families and I won't return without meeting them," she added.

Earlier on Friday morning, she had visited the Trauma Centre at BHU to meet those who had been injured in the Wednesday's massacre in Sonebhadra.