Toll Plaza Cash Lanes Set to See Longer Queues as Modi Government Mulls Reducing Cash Counters To Promote Cashless FASTags
Image used for representational purpose only. | Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

New Delhi, July 10: If you are among those who like to make cash payments at the toll plazas, you may have to soon reconsider your decision.  Not only, you will have to bear long queues, but also an additional charge on cash payments. The government, in order to promote cashless FASTags, is planning to start fewer lanes for cash payments, and exclusive lanes for vehicles with FASTags. As of now, there are two 'Fastag Express' lanes at NH toll plazas. FASTags to Be Available at Selected Petrol Pumps From Monday: How Can They Save You From Long Toll-Booth Queue?

In another news published a week before, it mentioned that the government is planning to levy a 10-20 percent surcharge on cash payments. The entire motive behind this execution is to decongest the plazas because paying by cash, results in long queues. The government believes that paying extra will dissuade. people from paying by cash.

Introduced in 2014, FASTags uses RFID technology to make direct payments via prepaid or savings accounts linked to the sticker.  Vehicles do not have to stop at a toll for payment and can rush through if you have a FASTag sticker. It has a validity of 5 years and you can keep recharging them as per your requirement.  Reportedly, all vehicles under category M&N, sold after December 1, 2017, are required to be fitted with FASTag by the manufacturer of the vehicle or its authorized dealer.