5 Safe Sexting Tips You Must Follow While You Indulge in ‘Dirty Talk’ Online
It is essential to follow safety tips while sexting. (Photo Credits: Flickr)

To write a love note is now passé, sexting is the modern young adult's way to spice up their love life. Sex chat, or in popular culture "Sexting", is one of the ways in which today's young adults have made pleasure instantly accessible. Take out your smartphone, indulge in sex chat, and feel fulfilled. Yes, it is indeed that easy nowadays. But sexting isn't as harmless as it sounds. While indulging in sex comes with precautions, so does sexting. And one needs to remember that the cyberspace isn't all that safe.

Like condom is an essential prophylactic during sex, sexting has its own list of precautions you need to follow to be safe, especially with so many teenagers indulging in sex chats these days. Here's a list of five precautions you must follow, especially while sexting with a stranger:

1. Be Careful About How Much You Reveal

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While sexting, your face can easily reveal your identity. Especially while talking to a stranger, you must be careful how much you reveal about yourself and if you indulge in exchanging pictures, be sure if at all you want to share with the person your face, real name and other details about yourself. While sexting online, you have no concrete way to verify whether the other person can be trusted. You can also not cross-check their identity. It is best to share only no personal details or limited details about yourself or share a good mix of real and false details. Also, unless you are sure of your sexting partner and have been sexting with him for a while, you should ideally avoid sharing the picture of your face.

2. Don't Drink and Sext

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There are some things you must never do while you are drunk. One of them is sexting. While drunk sexting is one of the things a young adult is most naturally inclined to indulge in, it isn't really a great idea. Do yourself a favour and make sure you police yourself or have a reliable friend police you while you are drunk, so that you don't end up sexting the wrong person or send the wrong pictures and texts. Save yourself the embarrassment and avoid drunk sexting.

3. Don't Sext at Work 

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It may sound bizarre but according to a poll by Observe Business, most of the sexting takes place between 10 am to noon. It involves many risks. In a shared wifi network there is a high risk of your data being monitored. It can have adverse consequences to your relationship with your boss and you may also be at risk of losing your job.

4. Secure Your Device

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Make sure you are using a secure device for texting. Check your privacy settings and make sure that your data cannot be leaked or accessed by a third party. Also, if your phone can be with other people, like your friends, siblings or children in your family it is best to delete your chats to be on the safer side and secure the privacy of your sex life.

5. Trust is Key

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No matter how many safety precautions you follow, unless you are not sure about the person you are sexting with it is unsafe. If you meet someone on an app or any other online sex chat platform, make sure you verify the person you are indulging in a sexual conversation with. Rebound sex, revenge porn etc are some reasons people indulge in a sex chat and they can cause you harm. Your pictures and texts can also be forwarded and shared with other people. Make sure you trust the person you are sexting with of not sharing or leaking anything you confide them with.

As much fun as sexting may be, it comes with high risks to your privacy. Make sure you follow these simple safety tips and have not just a fulfilling but also secure sexting experience. Happy Sexting ;)