Outspreading his reach and seeking excellence in each endeavor he pursues, Akita Shintaro shines in IT, Fashion, and F&B industry as well.

Gone are the days where conventional and traditional modes of business ruled the markets and customers with “slow and steady wings the race being their mantra”. Fast forward today and you will find that speed along with quality is now ruling national and international markets and taking over the control of next gen customers. The new set of entrepreneurs have realized the fact that they need to constantly deliver creative products and service to customers to be in the race and win their hearts.

The current success for their mantra is not only ruling the market but also capture majority of market share by proving wide plethora of products and services to customers. We met one such young, charismatic, witty and visionary entrepreneur ensuring he covers all fundamental of the business world and attaining supreme heights of success through his multiple business ventures- Akita Shintaro.

Born and brought up in Japan, Akita Shintaro had his deep interest and passion towards the business world and wanted to excel at the highest level. Having completed his graduation from Japan’s leading advanced school, Akita embarked upon a journey of his own in the entrepreneurial world attracting humongous success, fame, and recognition at a tender age. Having started by founding his IT company which employed more than 600 employees in mere 5 years of time since inception, Akita tasted success which propelled him to start his main business of selling and manufacturing of solar panels.

Akita also set up a plant for solar panels in China which became a key manufacturing unit to cater to Asia pacific markets and to markets across the world. His innovative strategies and marketing imperatives catapulted his ventures to stellar success and great levels of profitability and revenue generation. This also motivated him further to deep dive into many other domains of the business world.

In coming years, Akita started to invest in sectors of Fashion and F&B industry, having lead many of Japan’s leading fashion shows and in world martial arts competitions. Akita became one of selected entrepreneurs to be invited to fashion shows of world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and Chanel. He is also one of those who business personality to receive invitations every year from several events, with only about three such Paris Collet collections from around the world. A couple of exciting projects of opening restaurants in Singapore and Dubai are also running hot for which Akita constantly keeps on shuttling between France, Dubai, England and Italy. We are certain of the fact that Akita will spread his magic in every sector he wishes to pursue in near future as well.