The entire world is going through a tough time. When there is a delay in medical science then we look for a solution in astrology.

A South Africa-based astrology researcher who predicted worldwide disaster COVID-19 in 2019, has informed this COVID-19 occurred due to multiple planetary factors that caused the Pandemic. So, the relief or improvement from this disease will occur in stages. He gives some insight into his research and some of the reasons as to why he said this:

Without the influence of the two largest planets of our solar system i.e. Saturn and Jupiter, no significant event would take place in our life span. Their gravitational pull is so strong because of their large masses and slowest revolving speeds around the Sun. After approximately every 20 years Saturn and Jupiter come together in one zodiac sign and are closely associated in less than 30 degrees to each other. Whenever this occurs it negatively affects the world sometimes giving birth to a Pandemic type of situation. This configuration mostly affects America, Europe and the Indian subcontinent. The most significant factors I have understood out of this is that “ The Biggest Historical “events which occurred, whenever these planets were in one Zodiac sign or very closely associated in the last 100 years cycle are:

1. In the year 1920, there was a Spanish flu Pandemic.

2. From 1939 to 1945. This was the time when the Second World War occurred.

3. In 1962 & 63. During these years we saw extreme Tension between China and India that led to the Indo -China war and poisoned the relationship.

4. In the year 1981, the HIV Virus Pandemic began. This was an introduction of a new disease to the world.

5. Mid 1999 to 2001, there was a war between India & Pakistan that is known as the Kargil War & there was a fear for a bit that these countries could have used nuclear weapons, there was also a very massive earthquake in Bhuj in Gujarat in India. Also, the 9/11, twin tower incident that occurred at that time.

6. Now from Dec 2019 to 30th June 2020. This period led to the horrific Australian fires, America- Iran tussle, Volcano and Now COVID-19 pandemic.

It is noteworthy that 3 out of 6 incidents, involve VIRUSES / Diseases/ Pandemics.

Another interesting fact is that all three Pandemics have a common astrological fact that is: Rahu and Ketu two shadow planets were present in Gemini and Sagittarius signs respectively. So, for these reasons at the end of July to the end of September, we may see some improvement in the disease when these shadow planets move out from these signs and also Jupiter will not be situated with Saturn planet. This is our 1st stage or 1st opportunity, when the virus can become weaker.

If things go astray, from the pattern noticed in the past, then we can only expect significant improvement after 4th April 2021.

Astrologically, on 20th November 2020 we will again enter a difficult phase as the planet Saturn and Jupiter, will be present together in one zodiac sign i.e. Capricorn. So between 20th November 2020 to 4th April 2021, again be another difficult time for the world. This period will see either the second wave of COVID-19 or climax of the conflict between countries like America and China, or India & China or the peak of the economic depression or something enigmatic that we haven’t seen before. We will talk on this closer to the time.

Mr Mahesh Bang (Photo Credits: File Image)

His accurate predictions about this occurrence were on multiple platforms, some of them were:

1. Last year on Sunday Tribune Herald Newspaper High Tea event, held on 11th December, 2019, in Durban and on live broadcast he said ”On this Christmas 2019 there are 6 planets coming in one zodiac sign and it is a very very rare configuration. As these planets revolve around the Sun at different revolving speed. It happens 3 to 4 times in a century. This equation was present in 1st world war, 2nd World War, Indo-China war, plague epidemic of time and in 2000 & 2002.

After this, you can see twin tower 9/11 & a series of earthquakes to follow.

Whenever this happens something happens in the world that needs the world attention. This planetary configuration in the transit is not favourable for the Earth. Somewhere there will be unrest in the countries, Generally he is talking about the world. You can see misfortune will take place.

3. On his Facebook wall page posted on 24th December, 2019, “Around this time some occurrence will plant the seed for a worldwide negative incident in the coming year that will draw global attention.”

Again On 2nd February 2020 in Sunday Tribune-Herald newspaper, he predicted Covid-19 was limited only to China. He had warned about the period between March 29 and June 30 indicating that it would be tough for the world. And unfortunately, we saw the world over on LOCKDOWN. Unfortunately, We may now need to brace ourselves for this peak from 15th May that is today to 30th June when the two major planets Saturn & Jupiter are in retrograde, and they are already situated together in one zodiac sign. Besides this, in the next 30 days, 3 different eclipses will occur. This can mark the peak of COVID-19 in South Africa, India, America and a few other countries. This will be the time, to take extra precautions.

Finally, astrologically he can tell you that things will only return to normal, in all aspects, for the entire globe only from November 21, 2021, when the planet Jupiter transits over Aquarius.

"We must also acknowledge that the global horoscope is overpowering each country's individual horoscope for a few months, due to the rare configuration that occurred in December last year and the continued unfavourable alignments of the planets that are occurring one after the other. So, we need to understand that it will take time, but be patient things will improve eventually."

But on a positive note: Only divine intervention will help us to overcome, this Pandemic quicker. This is the time we all need to take care of the environment and do more introspection and focus on our goal in human life and humanity.

Just remember, this kind of calamities, unfortunately, do occur in human life and we do need to be able to bear, or at least strategize a way to deal with this.

Astrologically this is not the first of it's kind and will also not be the last, however, each occurrence of this sort, needs a specific approach.

For the COVID Pandemic, we all need to do some self-analysis & soul searching. We need to do self-evaluation; see what flaws we may have and how to overcome this.

If it was not a real threat, we would never really get a chance to do so.

"Astrologically it is not easy to predict as the situation has intensified on a global scale. Only divine intervention will help us to overcome this pandemic quicker. This is the time we all need to take care of the environment and do more introspection and focus on our goal in human life and humanity. "

About The Author

(Mr Mahesh Bang is an internationally acclaimed Vedic astrologer, palmist, numerologist and Vastu Expert. He is a personal astrologer to many Bollywood Stars. His Facebook page is: maheshbangastrologer and Instagram is: bangmahesh)