Diet Sabya Schools Rhea Kapoor and Masaba Gupta, Corrects Them That the Fashionable Page Does Not Comment on ‘Bodies’ (View Post)
Rhea Kapoor, Masaba Gupta (Photo Credits: Instagram)

If you are the one who thinks about fashion from day to night, you obviously might be aware of this Instagram page called Diet Sabya. This particular IG page is known to call out copy cats from the world of fashion for their #GandiCopies. Be it Shahid Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Jacqueline Fernandez to popular TV stars, all have been on this Insta page's radar and also have been slammed for wearing plagiarised designs. Recently, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Masaba Gupta and Rhea Kapoor talked about Diet Sabya and mentioned how the profile points out on how someone looks and also gets personal at times. Diet Sabya Slams Ananya Panday’s Rip-Off Fashion, Suggests The Actress To Fire Her Stylist (View Posts).

Now, it seems like the accusation by Rhea and Masaba has not gone down well with Diet Sabya and the page has posted a long update backing itself. The LIT IG page schooled the two ladies (Rhea and Masaba) by sharing their interview and clearing the air that they do not comment on bodies, cosmetic surgeries, botox, fillers, etc. They just talk about fashion. "Diet Sabya stands by/for a lot of things. What we don’t stand for is entitlement and acquisitions that don’t hold true. We don’t owe any explanations to anyone," a part of the post read. Diet Sabya Trolls Chopsticks Actress Mithila Palkar for her Dior 'Inspired' Pantsuit Only to Realise the Error Was From It's Own End.

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stands by/for a lot of things. What we don’t stand for is entitlement and acquisitions that don’t hold true. We don’t owe any explanations to anyone. We are also not going to sit here and count the number of ways we’ve been helpful to young designers, and the fashion community-at-large. We are saving that for a memoir (LOL). However, it is important to state facts. We DO NOT comment on bodies, and appearances. We don’t even comment on hair & make-up. We don’t comment on cosmetic surgeries, botox, fillers etc. Reason? It is simply not our place to do so. We comment on FASHION. And, we are the first ones to call out photoshop. And, we will continue to do so. Because it is important. Because 2020! Because one cannot claim to be a beacon of hope for the body-inclusive community if they choose to photoshop their images to an extent where it starts looking like a blur tool went on a field trip. We are also the first ones to rectify if we fuck up. Because if you can dish it, you should be able to take it too. Lastly, we would also like to point out that the people on the Internet are extremely smart. They are aware and can see through gimmicks. So, even if Diet Sabya ceases to exist tomorrow, the Internet will always be there to remind us that we need to do better. It will definitely be there to call us out our collective bullshit. That’s all!

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With a good number of fan following, Diet Sabya has time and again stood for what’s right and has shown the mirror to copycats from the fashion world. Recently, Kartik Aaryan was on the IG's page target wherein it claimed that Aaryan excessively photoshopped his abs to promote toxic masculinity in one of his commercials. Coming to Rhea and Masaba, we wonder what the two babes have to say on the long revelation post by the anonymous style critic, Diet Sabya Stay tuned to LatestLY for all the updates from the world of glamour.