Diwali 2018 Emotional Video Ads: Tanishq, Vivo India, Oppo, Honor, Sabhyata, Cadbury Celebrations & Other Brands Release Heart-Touching TVCs This Festive Season
Diwali 2018 (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

On the occasion of Diwali this year, brands across categories have launched emotional ads that touch hearts. These beautiful ads not only stand out in terms of their content, but also manage to shine when it comes to brand recall. Most of these ads come with a very strong storyline, where the message takes the front seat and the product moves a step behind. Bank Holidays on Diwali 2018: State-Wise List of Days When Banks, Government Offices & Schools Will be Shut.

Diwali is one of the most important dates in the marketing calendar of any brand. It is great to see that, brands have not hesitated to spend money on their advertising campaigns for Diwali.  From bringing up issues like- respecting your maids, to bridging the generation gap between children and parents, to not restricting the freedom of daughter to understanding what the daughter-in-law wants.

Here is a list of few ads curated by LatestLY that stood out in Diwali 2018.

Ghadi Detergent

The ad highlights the issue of respecting your maidservants. It is a story of a mother, and how she plans to teach her son a lesson and the importance of house helps.

Cadbury Celebrations

Like all Cadbury Celebration ad, this time as well, the brand comes up with a sweet story of how a young couple goes to make friends with their neighbour who is an old, grumpy fellow on Diwali.


This ad highlights how the festival of lights is celebrated by people across caste, religion, and how it serves as a perfect occasion to gift your loved ones.

Honor Mobiles

Honor ad shows how the father and son initially struggle to break the ice, but eventually, as they prepare for Diwali, the generation gap between them goes away.

Vivo India

Vivo Diwali ad is a story of a father and daughter, and how that one special photo, opens floodgates of memories, and helps the dad to move ahead in life.


Oppo has released two ads, one is a story of a love that exists between a girl and her adopted parents. The second 'BestDiwaliGift' ad features Deepika Padukone, and the excitement on her face, when she receives her gift.


In this ad by clothing line Sabhyata, the father highlights the issue of treating your son and daughter equally and not restricting the latter's freedom on the pretext of 'what the society will say'.


This beautiful ad shows how a family understands their daughter-in-law and her wishes, and makes this Diwali special.


HP has released an emotional ad, which shows the struggle of thousands of street vendor who sits with diyas on the road during Diwali, but fail to get customers.

Diwali 2018 has been really colourful and bright, in terms of brands unleashing their creativity to impress their audience. Let us know which is your favourite Diwali ad by writing to us in the comments section below.