Epilepsy Awareness Day, also known as, Purple Day, is celebrated annually on March 26. In India, about 120 million people have a neurological condition, epilepsy. Neurocysticercosis is the most common cause of epilepsy in people aged 15 to 50 years and is often caused by eating infected pork or unwashed underground vegetables. The most common type of epilepsy occurs at a young age and the causes are genetic. The second type of epilepsy is sudden. Very similar to Epilepsy Awareness Day, National Epilepsy Day is also observed every year on 17 November to spread awareness about epilepsy in society.

Amongst the important facts about Epilepsy includes that about 90 percent of epileptic seizures stay for 2 minutes. If the seizure is more than 5 minutes, the medicine is given through the nose. In the case of seizures of more than 5 minutes, the patient should be taken to the hospital immediately. The epilepsy attack in patients is said to get better in just half an hour.

Around 16 percent of epilepsy patients worldwide are in India. Despite having all the facilities for treatment and examination of epilepsy available, many cases of epilepsy are not known. One of the biggest reason behind this is the stigma associated with epilepsy that makes people avoid reaching out the experts.

Epilepsy Awareness Day 2021 Date, History and Significance

Epilepsia Awareness Day is celebrated worldwide on March 26. It is also known as Purple Day and as the name suggests, aims at raising awareness about the neurological condition. The day can be used as an opportunity to enhance people's understanding of the disease and to eliminate the fear and stigma around it. Epilepsy can be dealt with if diagnosed and treated correctly.

Epilepsy Foundation of India

The Epilepsy Foundation of India aims at reducing the number of epileptic seizures in India. The Epilepsy Foundation of India in Mumbai, Maharashtra was founded in 2009 by Dr Nirmal Surya. The Epilepsy Foundation of India is a non-profit charitable organization engaged in changing attitudes about epilepsy throughout their lives and society to help people suffering from it.

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