Holi 2019 Prank Videos: Hilarious Ways You Can Have Fun and Trick People For the Festival of Colours
Holi celebrations and pranks (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Holi 2019 is here  and are you ready to revel in the fun with splash of water and dash of colours? One of the most colourful festivals celebrated in India, after Holika Dahan which was marked on March 20 this year, we are here on the next day of the festivity; rangwali Holi, when people gather together and enthusiastically play with all colours. But as much as we enjoy playing safe Holi, what's some fun without some pranks. Splashing water, throwing coloured water balloons or colouring faces is too common but there are many more hilarious ways you can add the fun element to this celebration. Holi pranks can get you some of the best reactions and also add to your memories of the celebration. The excitement about Holi begins a week in advance, when you can start with some of the pranks too. Happy Holi 2019 Wishes in Advance: WhatsApp Stickers, SMS, Facebook Images and GIF Messages to Send First Greetings of The Festival of Colours.

The festival of Holi is known by different names like Dhuleti, Dhulivandan, Rangpanchami, according to the traditions in different parts of the country. The essence of the celebrations, however, remains same, to get coloured and colour others. You can add more cheer to the festival by carrying out some fun pranks. Holi 2019 Jokes and Funny Memes: Send These Hilarious Images & WhatsApp Stickers to Spread Some Laughter During Festival of Colour.

Throwing Water Holi Prank

While everyone's expecting to be immersed or splashed with water on Holi, no one would want to get unnecessarily wet on a normal day. This prank is just about fooling people that you are going to throw water on them, but well you aren't! All you need is an empty bucket and enthusiastic friend for company.

Tell People And Prank Them!

In the above prank method, you actually give a chance to the target to react before you actually prank them. You let people know that you are about to colour them or splash with water, and while they get all defensive or angry, just pour an empty water bucket!

Shouting Kab Hai Holi Randomly

This prank can even scare your targets if you carry it too well. Just by pretending to be psychotic or angry, you need to go around asking 'Kab Hai Holi?' to random people on the streets. The reactions will be diverse.

These are some of the pranks that you can try out in and around the week of Holi. But be careful, some of them can get you aggressive reactions too. Start with your family and friends first before you actually go out and start pranking everyone around. Wish you all a happy and safe Holi!