Sabudana Recipes For Navratri 2018 Fast: From Sabudana Khichdi to Kheer, Cook These Dishes This Navaratri
Sabudana recipes for Navratri fasting (File Image)

It's that time of the year when the festivities officially begin. Navaratri 2018 begins on October 10 and many people would begin seven to eight days of fasting from this day. One of the essential ingredients eaten during the Navratri fast is sabudana. Sabudana is a good source of energy and is, therefore, a preferred food during upvas. Navaratri 2018 Outfits for Garba Nights: From Lehenga Choli to Kediyu Dhoti, Step Out for Dandiya Nights in Your Best Traditional Avatar This Navratri Festival!

Sabudana can be used for making various dishes like khichdi and even kheer. Dishes made out of sabudana taste delicious if the ingredient has been properly soaked. For perfect consistency, ideally wash your sabudana on a strainer overnight, sprinkle water on it about three-four times before you sleep and cook it the next morning. In fact, even before cooking, sprinkle water on the sabudana twice or thrice in shorter intervals till you finally cook it. Navaratri 2018 Recipes: List of Colour-Wise Food Dishes for Each Day of the Nine-Day Navratri Festival.

Here are some delicious sabudana recipes for your Navratri fasts

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi gets its flavours out of curry leaves and peanuts. The other ingredients are potatoes, Sendha Salt and black pepper along with lemon drops. Here's a step by step recipe

Sabudana Kheer

It's definitely one of our favourite varieties of kheer and is also a lighter option than other kheer varieties. The ingredients are same as that of any other kheer, just that the main ingredient here is sabudana. Here's a step by step recipe

Sabudana Tikki

If your idea of Navratri is an evening snack to go with tea during your fast, sabudana tikki is what you must go for. You can mix potato and kuttu atta to make the sabudana tikki taste even better. Here's a step by step recipe.

If you are not observing a fast this Navratri but are following the Satvik diest these nine days, you can also see some satvik recipes that you can cook this festive season. Happy Navaratri!