Sawan or Shravan is the auspicious Hindu month dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Many people observe Shravan Somwar Vrats in this month. One popular observance is the beginning of Solah Somwar Vrat, where devotees begin their fast on the first Shravan Somwar and continue to fast every Monday for 16 weeks. The first Shravan Somwar Vrat 2021 will be observed on July 26. There are various restrictions and doubts on what one can eat during Solah Somwar Vrat and what needs to be avoided during Sawan month. Here’s your guide on what to eat and what to avoid during Solah Somvar Vrat 2021!

What Can Fast-Keepers Eat During Solah Somwar Vrat?

The entire month of Shravan is considered to be extremely auspicious. But observing the Solah Somwar fast is said to be especially blessed. While the austerity of the fast depends on those observing it. While some abstain from eating anything at all during these fasts, others stick to the Satvik food that is consumed by devotees during the month of Shravan. During the Solah Somvar fast, one can therefore eat selected fruits and veggies, meals made with sabudana (sago) and sendha namak, milk and milk products like curd, buttermilk. The vegetables that people usually consume are sweet potato, colocasia (Arbi), lauki or bottle gourd, parval, potato, suran and ratalu. These vegetables can only be spiced with rock salt, pepper, coriander, green chilli, fresh & dried ginger (sonth), clove, cardamom, and cumin. Shravan Somvar 2021 Dos and Don'ts: Important Things to Keep in Mind During the Holy Sawan Month.

What Should One Avoid During Solah Somvar Fast?

Since Solah Somwar Vrat is an extension of the auspicious celebration of Sawan Somwar, people continue to make similar restrictions as in the month of Shravan. Consumption of anything tamasik in nature is avoided. One must not consume anything with onion or garlic. Non-veg food or grains like rice, wheat, etc must be avoided. Many people also avoid consuming salt during these fasts. Other vegetables that need to be avoided by fast keepers include radish, hing or asafoetida, salt of all kinds except rock salt, red chilli, fenugreek (methi), turmeric and any other seeds as well as jaggery.

In addition to this, people who are observing the fast need to have ample water during the days of the fast. On other days, taking in as much nutrition as possible, by consuming green leafy vegetables and healthy meals is a great way of ensuring that you remain healthy and get through the Solah Somwar Vrat in a safe way. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Sawan!

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