Srinivasa Ramanujan 131st Birth Anniversary: Why National Mathematics Day Is Celebrated on His Birthday?
Srinivasa Ramanujan (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

The National Mathematics Day is celebrated on December 22 every year to honour the birth anniversary of the mathematician Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan, who made remarkable contributions in different fields and branches of the subject. His vision towards mathematical analysis, number of theories, infinite series and continued fractions are held significant even today. On his 131st birth anniversary, the followers are sharing their warm wishes on social media platforms remembering the world-famous Mathematician. Various colleges and universities have also organised events and programmes to commemorate the day and boost the student’s interest in the field of Mathematics. Who is Akshay Venkatesh? Know Everything About Indian-Origin Mathematician Who Won The Fields Medal. 

Our country had given a lot to the world of Mathematics, right from the early days when Aryabhatta gave the world of Mathematicians the digit zero. Through his invention, the mathematicians of India are ruling the world of Math, which includes famous names like Brahmagupta, Srinivasa Ramanujan among others. However, the foremost question that often arises is why this day has, December 22 been chosen to celebrate National Mathematics Day.

Why Is National Mathematics Day Celebrated on Ramanujan’s Birthday?

The reason we celebrate the National Mathematics Day is to honour the birth of Srinivasa Ramanujan, who took the world by storm at a very small age. He was born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu. From his childhood, he had a massive passion for mathematics. Only at the age of 12, he had mastered trigonometry and developed many theorems on his own with no assistance. His revolution finally came in 1913, when Ramanujan wrote to a British mathematician, G H Hardy. On realising Ramanujan’s genius wrote back to him, inviting to London. He got Ramanujan into Trinity College, Cambridge and since then, it begins his captivating saga of success.

In 1917, Ramanujan was elected to be a member of the London Mathematical Society, and in 1918, he became a Fellow of the Royal Society, the youngest person to achieve the feat. He made a significant contribution to mock theta function that generalises the form of the Jacobi theta functions, while preserving their general properties. It was in recognition of his noteworthy contributions to the world of mathematics that in the year 2012, it was decided that his birth anniversary to be marked as National Mathematics Day.

Throughout his life, he was plagued by health problems. His health worsened during his time in England. Ramanujan was diagnosed with tuberculosis and a severe vitamin deficiency at the time and was confined to a sanatorium. Only at the age of 32, he breathed last in Kumbakonam, Chennai. His short-life contributions have been significant and will continue to inspire generations. Celebrating National Mathematics Day is a welcoming step and will go a long way in promoting the subject among the young minds of the country.