Happy Vat Purnima! The auspicious fast for married women will be celebrated on June 5. This fast is observed on the day of Jyeshtha Purnima, especially in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and South India. In North India, this fast is celebrated as Vat Savitri, which falls on the new moon day of Jyeshtha month. According to religious belief, it is said that on this day Savitri brought her husband's life back from Yamraj. That is why married women fast for the long life and happiness of their husband. On this day, solah shringar plays an important role. Solah shringar includes 16 beauty adornment rituals that women have to put on. This can include anything from mehndi to clothes to jewellery to makeup. Here are ways you can deck up to celebrate this special day.

Wear Gujrati Style Front Palla Yellow Saree

Since yellow is considered auspicious on this day. Go for the classic Gujrati front palla style saree. It is easy to wear and comfortable to carry. Here's a video to help you wear Gujrati front palla style saree drape:

Wear 9-Yard Navari Sari

Maharashtrians love their 9-yard sarees. You can try wearing this classic style to make your regular saree draping style edgier. Here how to wear 9-Yard Navari sari:

Try Fusion Gujrati and Maharashtrian Style

Go for mix and match this year. Maybe a nath with your regular saree drape or just some gajra with your front palla saree.

Experiment With Nath

If you have been always wearing small naths, go for a bigger one or maybe try nath on the other side of the nose. Experiment your way out. This video can help you:

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

This year let your eyes do all the talking! Whether you opt for glitter or matter pigment, make sure that colour pops out well. Here's a tutorial that can help you out with traditional eye makeup:

Go For Glossy Lips Instead of Matte

The era of matte makeup is taking a backseat. You might want to go for a more glossy look to give your face a fresh feel. Go for dewy makeup to match your lips.

Multi-Colour Bangles

If you are not able to buy a brand new bangle set matching your attire, you can go multi-colour. It looks trendy and doesn't even take a lot of effort.

Use Alta If You Cannot Get Mehndi

If you cannot get mehendi expert, you can stain your hand with alta. This red liquid is considered auspicious too and you can even make intricate designs with it. Take a look at some of the best alta designs:

At Home Mehndi Designs Video:


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On this day women wake up early in the morning and take a bath. It is considered auspicious to apply yellow vermilion on this day and even wear yellow clothes. Women place the statue of Savitri-Satyavan and Yamaraja by the banyan tree. Pour water to the banyan tree and offer flowers and sweets to it. They seek blessings by tying Raksha Sutras to the tree

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