Weed Day 2018: Places in India Where Cleanest & Best Quality of Marijuana is Found
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There is something very different in the air today. People are enjoying a small get-together to roll, inhale and hold it, exhale and smile. Oh! You’ve noticed! Yes, its April 20, 2018 which is widely celebrated as Weed Day or as stoners love to call it 4/20. Though India is yet to legalise weed, you can find cannabis at many places. Aghoris take puffs of the chillam filled with marijuana at the holy shrines or even at the roadside and some smoke weed in hand-rolled joints! But what marijuana lovers really look for is – quality. If you smoke weed, by now you know that not all places have good stuff. So, on the occasion of Weed Day 2018, here is the stoners' guide to the best places in India where you can find weed of superb qualities!

Weed, herb, pot, grass, ganja, bud, mary jane; Marijuana is known by different names. And a lot of stigmas are associated with consuming weed. Many believes pot is like a drug that causes people to commit heinous acts of murder where others dance too much! Yes, there are a lot of amusing myths floating around. Keeping all of them aside, let’s begin with the list of places in India where you can find the best quality of Marijuana:

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Himachal Pradesh

Cannabis are associated with one of the Hindu major Gods, Shiva and what could be the better place than the holy abode of Mahadev—Himachal Pradesh. The mountains of Himachal, specifically the Parvati Valley, produces the best quality of charras in India. Malana Cream is the most popular of all which you can find in the little hamlet of Parvati Valley, Malana. Again, Manali (city in Himachal Pradesh) overflows with hippies and one can find great quality stuff as the roads are filled with smokers!

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

In the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges river, smoking ganja is the most popular and cultural activity. And yes, the city produces the great quality of marijuana and you can find aghoris taking puff of the chillam. So, wear a clean saffron robe and mingle to jingle; for religious purpose of course.


If you are a hardcore user, you must have come across, Idukki Gold aka, Kerala Gold. This stuff is considered to be the second best only to the Cream of Malana. Idukki is a district in Kerala which has an ideal set up to grow some real strong stuff! So, the next time you plan a trip to Kerala, don’t forget to score some Idukki Gold!

Northeast India

Manipur in Northeast India have the cleanest weed. They hold a special mention among people from older generations. Not just that! The strain from Dawki and Shillong in Meghalaya popularly called Mohini or Mango is again quite popular among stoners because of its sweet mango smell.

So, here is an end to the greener India on Weed Day 2018. If you know some places where you find clean, green and quality stuff, let us know on the comments below. As few countries including India are struggling to legalise weed, look for the laws before indulging in it!