World Emoji Day 2019: History, Events And Significance of the Day That Celebrates the Digital Form of Communication
World Emoji Day (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17 as a 'global celebration of emoji'. The day is observed to celebrate emoji, which is one of the most popularly used digital means of communication. Emoji is generally used to convey an emotion or reaction to something. People often use emojis as it helps in communicating emotions in a better way, for the same reason it is also known as emoticon. On World Emoji Day 2019, various events and workshops encouraging public participating will be held in various places. Period Emoji Offends People: 5 Emojis that are ACTUALLY Offensive but No One Gives a S**t About.

The day is celebrated since 2014 and was among top Twitter trends on July 17 in 2015. World Emoji Day came into being due to Jeremy Burge who is the London-based founder of Emojipedia in 2014. According to The New York Times, Burge created this day on July 17 as it is "based on the way the calendar emoji is shown on iPhones". For the first World Emoji Day, Burge said that "there were no formal plans put in place". From 2014 onwards, various companies began releasing different emojis representing their brands or products. Various organisations conduct emoji awards on this day where they give away prizes to people who used the best emoji in different situations. New Emojis in 2019: From Sarees to Wheelchairs, Inclusive and Diverse Emoticons Are Making the Internet Super Happy.

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World Emoji Day 2019 event will be held on Facebook. You can check more details about the event here. In 1999, Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese interface designer created the first emoji while working on a mobile internet platform in Japan where he distributed the first 175 pixel emoji's. British Library in London is hosting an exhibition on World Emoji Day 2019 celebrating emojis. Other than which events will also be held in Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza in Ohio and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.