Going meatless is a way of life that has benefitted a lot of people. Many have seen positive bodily changes and a feel-good factor ever since they gave up eating meat. The international meatless day celebrates vegetarianism on November 25 every year across the world. This day also marks the birth of Sadhu T.L. Vaswani, the great Indian educationist who began the development of the Indian education system. The idea is to raise awareness about the idea of vegetarianism and the reasons why a vegetarian diet is considered extremely healthy. On this special day, people try not to consume meat and go for either veganism or vegetarianism and remember Sadhu T.L. Vaswani. You might also want to understand the difference between vegetarianism and veganism! If you are planning to turn vegetarian, you might want to know the types, pros and cons along with tips to switch to vegetarianism in a healthy way. On this day, people try to intake vegetarian and understand the benefits of adopting vegetarian living.

History & Significance of International Meatless Day

The international meatless day was proposed on November 25, 1986, which is the birthday of Sadhu Vaswani. The Stop All Killing Association (SAK), Meatless Day campaign, began in the same year. The educationist who initiated a mission to adopt vegetarian living and even gained a lot of support from many vegetarians.  People turned into volunteers with an aim to save and prevent the killings of animals. They also worked toward spreading awareness about the fact that animals and humans beings are equal.

Benefits of Going Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is said to have a lot of benefits. Shunning meat from the diet and going vegetarian is known to have healthy effects on your body. By keeping it fit and healthy. While different meats contain various nutritional values, fresh vegetables and vegetarian food items are extremely healthy with way lesser side effects. Right from keeping inflammatory diseases at bay to keeping your heart healthy and your body free from anaemia, vegetarian life is said to provide you with better stamina.

Celebrate the international meatless day by consuming fresh organic vegetables. You can also adopt stray animals and help them live happily.

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