5 Worst Myths Related to Weight Loss: Dieting Mistakes Which Might Sabotage Your Fitness Goals
5 Worst Myths Related to Weight loss (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Dieting and exercising might always seem to be an uphill task where one thinks that he or she might have to drastically change their lifestyle and adopt a stringent fitness regime in their day to day routine. However, the most important aspect of fitness is to clear your misconceptions related to diet and exercise. Be it fitness or anything, the most common mistake we commit is that we follow what others tell us, without even making an effort to research on that topic. When it comes to designing your diet plan, there are various myths which we believe and bring it to practice to reach our desired fitness goals. Let us explore 5 worst myths related to weight loss that can sabotage your result. Pros and Cons of Keto Diet: Brief Overview of Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Food.

It is always necessary to take a wise decision, in whatever we chose in our life to do. The biggest of the battles are lost due to the wrong decision and improper approach. When it comes to weight loss, your smart work matters a lot. You should know what is best suitable for your body and how you can keep be in calorie deficit state, because when we are speaking about weight loss, your calorie intake matters a lot.

5 Worst Myths Related to Weight Loss

1. Drinking three glasses of milk every day can help you maintain a healthy weight

In reality, milk is not easily digestible by many people, and it can even make one feel bloated. The other problem which can arise is the gas problem due to the consumption of milk. It is better to restrict milk intake to only one glass in a day, and instead, you can consume legumes and green leafy vegetables for acquiring the calcium.

2. Carbs make you fat

This is another silly mistake which many of us commit while going for a fat loss program. Carbs are necessary for your body to release energy for performing any activity like studying, exercising, etc. Carbs are used in our body as fuel. Now if you keep the carb level low in your body, it is as equivalent as keeping our vehicle in low fuel, which makes it run on reserve state. We will not want our body to use our stored energy, instead keep refuelling it with necessary complex and starchy carbs. There is one diet which is very famous in the fitness world these days, known as Keto diet, which says to include the maximum amount of good fat in your body and intake little amount of carbs. There is a massive debate in fitness fraternity on the ketogenic diet. But, in the end, it is all about your daily calorie intake, and one must not forget that carb is one of the essential macro-nutrient, which can't be ignored.

3. Drinking vegetable juice in tetra pack is equivalent to having a raw serving of vegetables

On the first place, tetra pack foodstuff should be avoided as it can cause many adverse effects to our health. Apart from that packed juices contains a variety of preservatives and a considerable amount of added sugar, which can make matters even worst for you if you are thinking to shred your weight. It is always recommended to chose whole raw food, like buying vegetables and fruits from local markets and washing it before cutting it or slicing it. You should eat fresh vegetables and fruits without adding any other stuff; this will provide the best result for your body.

4. Orange juice is an excellent source of vitamins

Drinking orange juice added with sweeteners and other stuff is the same as having a sugary beverage. It is always better to have an orange or any fruit raw, which will help in providing good fibres and vitamins to your body.

5. Eating three square meals a day is the best strategy for weight loss

Just restricting yourself to eating three meals a day or by just adopting the other famous diet these days known as OMAD(One Meal a day) diet will not make you lose that extra flab quickly. Dieting is very simple; it just means a full day of eating where one should munch some healthy food after every two hours in smaller proportion. Rather than eating at one go in a more significant chunk, it is always better to break down your meals into multiple portions. This practice will keep you full throughout the day and help you reduce your cravings.

Summer has just reached the gate, and with that, it has made many people think of losing weight in this upcoming hot season. Off course you could shred that extra flab in the blistering heat provided you do a bit of exercise along with smart diet plan and furthermore do not believe in any myths related to fitness. Always consult with your dietitian before opting for any diet plan for weight loss, as we do not know what best will suit our body.