A Tidy House Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety, These Everyday Habits Will Make Your Home a Sanctuary During COVID-19 Pandemic
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You must be browsing the Instagram accounts of interior designers all day. And while you may dream of becoming one of those perpetually tidy people, the struggle to organise is real. To help you turn your clean fantasies into reality, we researched a few people with neat homes and made a note of their daily habits. It turns out that it needs daily work and preparation to keep your house in a constant state of perfection. Here are all the patterns you can adopt to get out of the unorganised zone.

Make Your Bed

Even before you brush your teeth after you wake up in the morning, make your bed. If you are in a rush, pull the comforter up to your pillows and smooth it out to create a sense of order in your home.

Clean Dishes at Night

It can be a great idea to clear the kitchen sink of any soiled utensils and cutlery after dinner. Making your kitchen at night, will keep you from piling on dishes in the sink throughout the day. Coronavirus Outbreak: Ways To Reduce Stress, And Safeguard Your Mental Health During Lockdown.

Don't Procrastinate

When you have some grocery or goodies delivered, make sure that you unpack the box immediately and discard the packaging. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to deal with the mess at home.

Use Baskets to Organise Things

When you have a specific place for everything to go, it can be easier to keep things in their designated area. If you do not have enough drawers, you can scatter cute baskets around your house to keep your stuff. Coronavirus Pandemic: Ease Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak with These CDC-Recommended Tips.

Clean as You Go

You can dramatically minimise the mess and the time you put into organising by cleaning things as you go. So, if you are waiting for your pasta to boil, you can maybe rinse the cutting board and wipe the countertops.

Put Away Clothes from the Day

As tempting it may seem to drop your clothes on the floor after a long day, take time to fold and hang them in place. Do this to keep your clothes and your floor in better shape. From Dark Chocolates to Herbal Tea, 5 Stress-Busting Foods & Beverages You Should Have for Less Anxiety During Lockdown.

In the end, plan ahead whether it is re-stocking your bathroom or reviewing your cleaning products. It will make your life way easy!