The unregulated market of enhancement surgeries, fillers, butt lifts and boob jobs have always been a topic of discussion with medical experts showing concerns related to the impacts of such aesthetic procedures. Recently, a transgender woman died after undergoing a Brazilian Butt-Lift surgery for which she travelled all the way to Miami despite Florida's recent restrictions on fat injection surgeries. With an aim to get bigger, rounder butt, she had gone all the way to the Miami however, the Brazilian Butt-Lift botch up went so badly that she lost her life.

46-year-old, Gia Romualdo-Rodriguez, breathed her last at the Xiluet clinic in Miami after her oxygen levels and heart rate plummeted during the botched up Brazilian butt lift surgery. As she was transitioning into becoming a woman, she wanted to get her breasts and butt done. Surgeon Dr Stephanie Stover, who is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, was handling her case and when she saw the patient was in medical distress she called 911 after which she was rushed to hospital suffering an embolism brought on by a blocked blood vessel. She was declared dead and it was ruled an accident caused by the fat injected into her buttocks. Billionaire Dies After Penis Enlargement Surgery; Diamond Trader Reportedly had ‘Napoleon Complex’. 

Brazilian Butt-Lift surgeries are often dubbed as Kim K Butt lift after rumours that celebs like the Kardashians and Amber Rose have undergone such procedures that include injecting fats.  However, the Florida Board of Medicine last year published new restrictions to try cap the number of patients killed because of the increasing numbers.  Surgeons are banned from injecting fat into or below a patient's glutes because that poses a threat of piercing the gluteal vein.

A few months ago, an OnlyFans model from Delhi was warning against fake testimonies enhancement surgery companies have. She revealed about her botched butt lift surgery that left her unable to sit down for four months. She warned against falling for fake reviews made for such companies. 25-year-old Shilpa Sethi, who boasts a whopping 1.5m followers on Instagram heard about butt lift surgeries a few years ago, she wanted to opt for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in which the fat from the waist is transferred to the bum. Cooking Oil Injected into Woman's Butt Who Is Now Fighting for Life After Bum Lift Goes Horribly Wrong!

Moreover, a Brazilian celebrity butt-enhancement surgeon called Dr Bumbum has gone on the run following the death of a patient just hours after undergoing cosmetic surgery at his home in Rio de Janeiro. Denis Furtado was considered capable of performing magic on women’s bodies, in particular their bottoms, and became known throughout the country for his expertise.

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