Even if it is not your first time, kissing can be awkward. But aside from that amateurish lip movement and beard burn, kissing seems to be pretty out of harm’s way right? Not exactly because a peck on your mouth can transmit a couple of different types of STDs ranging from herpes simplex virus and syphilis. A Lancet study recently stated kissing could be a reason a possible reason for the spread of gonorrhoea – the most antibiotic-resistant sexually transmitted disease. The study says that kissing wasn’t considered a route of transmission earlier. But new evidence suggests there needs to be increased awareness about gonorrhoea transmission through kissing. But do all STDs spread through kissing?

You must be already cringing but your life will be a lot easier if you straight away get to the facts of kissing and STD.

Herpes and Kissing

Herpes simplex virus infections are one of the most common STDs and once infected, they can last a lifetime. The virus can remain dormant for years and cause recurrent outbursts. Oral herpes can spread from the mouth to the genitals and vice versa during oral sex. So if you know that your partner has it, ask them to be diligent about the symptoms. Burning, itching and tingling are all signs that the sores can appear any time. HSV-1 is responsible for oral herpes whereas HSV-2 causes genital herpes. Here's a list of 10 lip-smacking facts about kissing.

Contracting Syphilis

Syphilis occurs in four stages with different signs and symptoms in every stage. Syphilis is typically characterised by sores generally in the genitals or mouth. The second stage of syphilis includes swollen lymph nodes, fever and skin rash. There are, however, no symptoms during the third stage or latent stage of this STD. Syphilis can affect the brain, heart and other organs if left untreated. Bumps on the vagina – is it razor rash or STD? 3 signs it’s a sexually transmitted disease.

Syphilis can spread by direct contact with a sore during through vaginal or oral sex and even kissing during the first three stages. So if you are aware that your partner contracted syphilis, the only way to avoid contracting it is by avoiding intercourse and kissing altogether especially when you see those visible sores.

Also, make sure that you get yourself tested too. While doctors won’t test you for herpes unless you exhibit those sores, you can still get tested for syphilis and check for the signs. And if you know that your partner has an STD, do not kiss until those active sores have been healed or treated.


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