Condom That Promised 'Extra Pleasure' Lands Lucknow Man in Hospital, Allergic Reaction Rots His Penis!
Condom That Promised 'Extra Pleasure' Lands Lucknow Man in Hospital, Allergic Reaction Rot His Penis! (Photo Credits: Flickr, Elvert Barnes)

Would you have ever thought about having all most lost your penis because of a condom? A recent incident from Lucknow will make you believe this thought. A sexual intercourse that turned into a nightmare for a man in Lucknow had him have his penis rotted due to a condom that promised 'extended pleasure', as per reports by Sun online. The man suffered from an allergic reaction because of the condom.  'Summer Penis': Does the Hot Weather Increase Your Penis Size?

It is claimed that the man rushed to the King George's Medical University after suffering a few nasty symptoms. His penis was swollen up, and it also turned black and became painful. Reports have it that the man was treated by a team of doctors led by Dr Ashish Sharma that believed that he had no known drug allergies. A few tests also ruled out the sexually transmitted infections (STI) as well.  Shocking! Man With No Penis Uses ‘Unknown Implement’ To Penetrate During Sex, Injures Two Of His Girlfriends. 

However, soon the medical reports had it that the patient was diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis and gangrene of the penis. A person who has a gangrene means that the part affected has its tissues rotting away.

However, this was to be blamed at the condoms that he was using. Apparently, the brand that he was using contained a topical medication called the benzocaine. The doctor noted that this topical medication was used to increase the duration of the sexual intercourse and decrease the chances of premature ejaculation. However, it only backfired in the case of this man from Lucknow.

Reports have it that such kinds of allergic contact dermatitis due to a latex condom is extremely rare and after the first case in 1996 only four similar cases have been reported.

The man was soon given antibiotics, and the rotting tissues were removed via surgery, after which the doctors performed a skin graft on the affected area. The man soon recovered and was doing fine the reports suggested. Penile Fracture: Is It Possible To Break Your Penis? Read Causes, Symptoms and Treatment.