Monsoons have almost come to an end and as the temperature rises and the air becomes more humid, and your home can provide little refuge from the oppressive heat and humidity. Sure, the air conditioner can make you feel comfortable, but you probably have to spend a tiny fortune only to get a little relief. However, there are other ways to keep your home cool without having to rely on your central air conditioning system or your window A/C units.

Keep the Windows Facing East and South Closed In the Morning

You may simply love to keep your windows open but the very best way to keep your room cool is to block the sun's solar heat even before it enters your room. So no matter how tempted you are to open the windows first thing in the morning, shut the windows that face the east and south, and lower the curtains and blinds. Then, open all the windows in the north and west to block the heat of the sun and yet allow fresh, cool, morning air.

Open Your Windows at Night

Unlike the day, the night can be the best time to flood your house with cooler air by opening multiple windows. For maximum air, open multiple side-by-side windows. Doing this will help keep the temperature of the house cooler throughout the night. Feeling Sleepy at Work? This Air Conditioner Will Blast Sleepy Employees With Cold Air

Go Without Using the Oven

By using the oven, you are making your kitchen unbearably hot. So simply use a crock-pot or a toaster oven that will not only save your electricity but also produce much less heat than a full-size oven. If you must use the oven, do it early in the morning or wait till late evening when the house is the coolest. 7 Easy Hacks and Remedies to Cool Off When It Gets too Hot (Watch Video)

Set Fans up Wisely

You might underestimate the ceiling fans but they are one of the most effective ways to keep your room cool. And the best part? They only use one-tenth of the electricity of a typical conditioner. Just a light breeze from the fan can help you feel three to four degrees cooler. Unlike an air conditioner, fans help to cool you down, not the temperature of the room. If you have multiple fans, set them up so that they intersect on you, the air hitting you from multiple directions. Make sure that your ceiling fan is set to counter clockwise, drawing the warm air upwards.

Unplug and Hit the Switch

If not necessary, do not switch on the lights. Yes, we are also talking about the CFL lights. Light bulbs, gadgets, and appliances emit heat. So turn them off to reduce the total heat in your room. Why You Can't Stop Sweating After a Shower and How to Prevent It

And there are going to be blistering days where you will need to blast your A/C. So if you have to use one, run it in bursts. Air conditioning units are at their best when running at full speed for short periods.

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