You must have heard that bananas can help you lose weight. They contain fibre and resistant starch, which support weight loss. Plus, they are nutritious, low-energy-density food, which is good for dropping kilos. And they don't live up to their once bad reputation of being a diet-wrecking fruit to avoid. Low-energy-density foods like banana provide more fuel with fewer calories, promoting weight loss. It also means that you don't have to feel hungry while you are dieting. Recently, the new morning banana diet has made its way from Japan to the US in no time. But what are the rules of a morning banana diet? Let's find out.

Eat Only Bananas for Breakfast

This diet requires you to eat only bananas for breakfast. You can eat more than one banana for your morning meal, but do not stuff yourself to the point of discomfort. Also, eat only raw, unfrozen and uncooked bananas. Eating Out On a Weight Loss Diet: Healthiest Foods to Order At a Thai Restaurant.

Eat a Balanced Diet for Lunch and Dinner

For lunch and dinner, you can eat whatever you please but be sure that they are wholesome. Your plate should include protein, whole grains and vegetables and should be devoid of any processed foods or desserts. Eat until you are satisfied but also do not overstuff yourself. If you are on the morning banana diet, eat your dinner by 6 pm or by 8 pm latest.

Drink Only Water

When it comes to your liquid intake, ditch the juices and smoothies and drink only water at room temperature. Avoid drinking chilled or hot water. You can drink alcoholic beverages occasionally. Weight Loss Diet Mistakes: Do Yourself a Favour and Avoid These 5 Foods Which You Think Are Healthy!

Grab Some Afternoon Snacks

You can eat a handful of nuts for your afternoon snacks. Or if you crave something salty, try popcorn, but be aware of the fat content. If you are hungry after dinner you can also occasionally have a piece of fresh fruit, but this should not become a daily habit. Weird Ways To Lose Weight: 11 Bizarre Weight Loss Tips For Those Who Hate Diet and Exercise

When it comes to the morning banana diet, results really depend on calories. You should set your daily calorie goal to ensure healthy weight loss and must include the calories from bananas as part of your total daily intake. Also, go for regular walks and aim to get to bed early for faster results.

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