Weird Ways To Lose Weight: 11 Bizarre Weight Loss Tips For Those Who Hate Diet and Exercise
Weird ways to lose weight (Photo Credits: Pexels)

People go to great lengths when it comes to weight loss. Yes, they do try the traditional techniques of joining the gym, getting a trainer, enrolling in a weight-loss programme and following a stringent diet. However, not many are able to live up to the demands and standards of the weight-loss programmes. The lackadaisical nature of humans makes them want to search for easier and efficient ways to do things. Which is why these weird methods of losing weight are pretty popular. Right from smelling vanilla to sleeping in a cold room, there are a bizarre bunch of weight loss methods that are up for grabs! Here are 10 signs that you are losing weight even if your weighing machine doesn't agree.

1 Smell Vanilla

Turns out smelling vanilla reduces the craving for saccharine, or any other desserts to be precise. As per a study conducted in St George Hospital, London, researchers discovered that individuals with vanilla-scented patches showed a higher rate of weight-loss when compared to those without a patch or a lemon flavoured patch.

The scientific reason behind this has to do with vanilla flavour's ability to calm the dessert-craving senses. The sweet smell of vanilla helps placate the yearning for something sweet which results in the individuals reducing their sweets intake. Isn't that neat?

2 Eat From Coloured Plates 

Here's another weird solution to curb your overeating habits, change the colour of your plate. A research from Cornell University has affirmed that the colour of an individual's plate has an effect on their weight. Their study states that if the colour of the plate conflates with the colour of the food, the individuals tend to miscalculate the food they take.

To support this, various other studies have also added that blue plates are ideal in these cases. The plausible explanation for this is the fact that there aren't many blue-coloured foods prevalent and thank god for that!

3 Change Your Eating-Partner

Partners impact lifestyle and not just in the social sphere but also on the food table. Turns out eating with a profuse eater could increase your chances of consuming more food. Basically, researchers believe that an obese spouse or friend with whom you eat food could spike up your food intake. Hence, while it is a theory frowned upon by many, there have been successful results when the 'partner-changing' method was followed.

4 Journal What You Eat

This eccentric addition to the list of weird weight-loss methods might get a heads up from the Instagrammers who often vouch for #Foodgasms on their wall. Apparently, taking pictures of your food or tracking your food intake is a tested and proven method to reduce weight.

A study shared by the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests that taking pictures of your food before devouring it encourages one to change diet choices. The act is basically to invoke epiphany that would make a person stop eating and reconsider his/her choices.

5 Leave the Serving Dishes off the Table

The saying, "out of sight, out of mind" is the perfect way to discern this weird way of weight loss. The more its in your periphery vision, the more you want to guzzle it down. However, if the serving dishes are kept back in the kitchen platform while you're in the dining room, you have second thoughts for seconds.

Know this that the brain takes about 10 minutes to realise that the stomach is stuffed. So eat what's on your plate, wait for a bit, get up from your seat and go to the kitchen for seconds. A lot of individuals state that this tediousness automatically affects the food intake, which reduces leading to weight loss.

6 Dim the Lights 

A study conducted in 2012 found that changing the light's brightness alters people's food intake. Dimming the lights has an effect on the period of eating time as it suggests a relaxed atmosphere. In an imperturbable environment, your stomach's satisfaction and decreases the food intake. While the study was conducted with restaurants, this same experiment can be conducted in your own home.

7 Watch Less TV

As per, the average adult spends a shocking five hours a day watching television! We're talking a pretty magnanimous amount of calorie breeding here. The more you're glued to your television, the more you scavenge for snacks that usually belong to the unhealthy category. Besides, it also makes you sit in one place for a long time.

8 Stay Away Body Shamers

It is believed that the more an individual hang out with people who take constant digs at your weight (whether you're fat or thin) has a dramatic effect on your body. Either they resolve to stress-eating or no-eating, both of which are unfavourable to the body. This only results in unhealthy body growth. Also, it has been approbated by many adults who triumphed through the shaming with positive results.

9 Sleep in a Cold Room

Rumour has it, a chilly bedroom not just enables a good sleep but also great metabolism. As per an article shared by Obesity Reviews, "Sleeping in a chillier room is a great way to force your body to heat itself up for hours," Aronne says. "You will burn calories keeping yourself warm." Who knew good sleep in a cold room would be so beneficial!

10 Have a Hot Water Bath

While cold-room therapy is a real deal, so is hot baths. Many researchers support this method for weight loss. Studies have proven that an hour-long hot bath equates to a 30-minute walk and burns around 140 calories! Apart from the weight-loss benefit, hot baths also enhance the body's immunity against chronic diseases. Perhaps that's why the Japanese live longer?

11 Brush your Teeth When Hungry

Here's a tricky one that's popular on social spheres. Many people have claimed that the act of brushing their teeth affects their appetite, either increases it or reduces it. As per Popular Science, the theory has a lot to do with the taste and minty smell of the toothpaste that incites the change.

Toothpaste contains Sodium Laureth sulfate which makes the paste foamy and easier to spread around. However, the flipside of this is, it suppresses or rather numbs the sweet taste bud receptors on your tongue.

Or as a reader suggested, take more dumps!

Uh, well, isn't that the easiest?