Skinsation LA is receiving a lot of buzz precisely because of the unique aura they’ve created around the facility. Naira Cole and Jenny Ghazaryan, along with Dr James Kojian are passionate about making sure SkinsationLA is the gold standard of the med spa industry not only because of its newest and most innovative treatments, but also because of its patient experience.

What is the story behind Skinstion LA?

Naira: Jenny and I met a couple of years ago; at the time I was working in finance and she was managing a med spa. We had a few talks about opening a business, but it wasn’t until mid pandemic that we saw an opportunity to create something that we both are passionate about. Many of our friends and colleagues were complaining about breaking out because of the masks as well as about general quarantine stress and anxiety. We found there was a huge demand for post lockdown facials and skin treatments. Having clear and healthy skin is very important to us because it changes one’s confidence and mood. Beyond that, many treatments such as facials are extremely relaxing in the moment, which can de-stress a client, which further helps with one’s skin, confidence, and mood.

What are some of the most popular services?

Jenny: We offer a wide range of services including facials, injections, lasers, and IV therapy. Our most popular treatments are the Lumecca IPL laser facial, Morpheus8 skin tightening, and booty facials.

Lumecca is the newest intense pulsed light therapy that rejuvenates your skin, corrects uneven texture and tone, reduces sun and age spots, shrinks enlarged pores, reduces freckles and rosacea, and even dries out active acne. Morheus8 is a microneedling treatment combined with radiofrequency; we haven’t had one customer who did not love the results. It’s like getting a non-surgical facelift. It tightens and contours one’s face and helps with double chin and under eye dark circles. Booty facials are our favorite because with the growing market for BBL, girls pay more attention to their backs and booties. Just like your face, your booty also needs exfoliation, extractions, and masks to look and feel great.

What’s different about Skinsation LA?

Naira: At Skinsation we’re committed to not only giving the best results, but also to making the experience as pleasant as possible. Our staff is professional, honest, and resourceful. We offer an initial complimentary consultation, then based on the individual's needs we tell them what we recommend. We don’t enforce sales quotas or give unrealistic promises to our clients which sets us apart from a lot of med spas and helps us achieve that relaxing and inclusive vibe.