Are you the kind of a person who will say "sorry" after bumping to a pole? Or are you someone who will say "sorry" even after the slightest disagreement? It is possible that you do it out of courtesy but the frequent use of the word "sorry" may also come from a deeply rooted fear of being an inconvenience to anyone. In other words, it roots from guilt. But feeling guilty all the time is not only self-defeating but also self-denying. If you find yourself expressing feelings of shame over petty things, it is time to work on your self-esteem by not feeling guilty over these things!

1. How to Talk

Yes, you must maintain decorum at public places and at work but remember you cannot be 'sorry' for every word you blurt out of your mouth. If you find yourself being targeted over accusations of up speak and vocal fry, learn to ignore.

2. Expressing Your Feelings

There is an ugly stereotype that women who vent their frustrations are hysterical or needy.  Remember you don't have any reason to feel guilty after an emotional outburst. It is okay to express your feelings. In fact, emotional control can leave you with more inner peace. Is It Okay to Get Upset Over a Break-Up That Happened Two Years Ago?

3. Saying No!

It is okay to not say 'yes' to everything people wanted you to do. Saying no to things you do not want to do can be extremely empowering. It will free up your time and help you focus on things that matter most to you.

4. The Entertainment You Enjoy

A love for romantic comedies and fashion magazines are sometimes deemed as trivial and regressive. Similarly, not liking GOT does not make you a part of the millennial crowd. Remember that it is perfectly fine to love what you love as long as you think critically about what you are consuming.

5. Failing to Keep the House Clean At All Times

Society tends to put unfair pressure on women to be orderly and clean at all times. Staying orderly is not a bad thing and while you might be a chronic stress cleaner, it is okay to cut yourself some slack when you don't have the time or energy to complete your chores.

6. Your Body

If you weigh a little higher on the scale, you must have spent a lot of time shrinking your body to make yourself fit for conventional standards of femininity. No matter what your body looks like, you should be comfortable enough to assert your presence.

7. Turning Down Nice People

Your life is not a rom-com movie where you have to inevitably accept all the decent romantic suitors. You may not feel any chemistry with a nice person and that is completely fine. Women Are Marrying Themselves! Sologamy Trend Gains Popularity Among Ladies Who Are Tired of Questions About Their Marital Status

8. Wearing Make-up

You must have heard too many men tell you that they prefer women without make-up. Wear make-up for yourself, not to cater to their restricting standards of beauty.

9. Eating

How many times have you restrained yourself from eating as much in order to avoid looking gluttonous?  Remember food should nourish you and make you feel good instead of being a source of shame. Looking For Healthy Lifestyle? 6 Unhealthy Habits to Change For a Healthy Future!

10. Making Mistakes

To err is human, so you do not have to go on a guilt trip every time you make a blunder.  Mistakes can be disappointing but they are key for growth. How else would you learn if you do not make mistakes?

Lastly, never be scared of standing up for yourself. Being able to own your feelings can make you your own person, not sharp-tongued or shrill.

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