UK Teenager With 2 Uteruses Wakes Up From Coma to Find Out She Delivered a Baby Girl
Mother with baby (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Ebony Stevenson had a headache and went to bed only to wake up four days later in a hospital bed after delivering a baby. The 18-year-old from Oldham in Greater Manchester neither knew she was pregnant nor had a baby bump. She did not even miss a period or experience morning sickness. The teenager only remembers going to bed on December 2, 2018; however, she bore a baby girl on December 6. Ebony's case is that of one in 3,000 women who are born with two uteruses. The condition is called uterus didelphys, wherein the baby was hidden in one of the two uteruses.

In her case, her chance of conception was low as only one of the fallopian tube could carry an egg, while another had none. On December 2, Ebony was rushed to Royal Oldham Hospital in Great Manchester following a series of seizures. Doctors found out that she had suffered from preeclampsia which caused the seizures. Medics informed Ebony's mom that the baby should be delivered right away. On Monday, she underwent emergency caesarean and gave birth to a baby weighing 3.2 kg, three hours after she suffered the first fit. UK Woman Clueless About Pregnancy Wakes Up From Coma to Discover She’s Now Mom to a Baby Girl.

On December 6, Ebony woke up to realise she had given birth to a baby and was a mother.  The 18-year-old finally accepted the news and is now bonding with her newborn. She named the baby Elodie Rae. Daily Mail quoted Ebony as saying, "I didn't think I even wanted kids, at least not for another 10 years and never expected to be a young mum. Waking up from a coma to be told I had been pregnant and had given birth to a baby girl was overwhelming, to say the least. Meeting my baby was so surreal. It felt like an out of body experience. I worried I wouldn't bond with my daughter because I had no time to get my head around her arrival, but I think she's amazing. It's an absolute miracle. I wouldn't change Elodie for the world." Woman in Coma for 14 Years Gives Birth, Sparks Police Investigation of Alleged Sexual Abuse.

Meet Elodie Rae:

Ebony with her daughter:

While she was in an induced coma, her mother Sheree and Ebony's grandmother, Geraldine stayed by her side. The took care of Ebony and helped her understand about what had happened. While Ebony initially thought the doctors were mistaken, she eventually understood and came to terms with it. Ebony or her mother did not know that she had two uteruses as she had regular periods. Boyfriend Mistakes Girlfriend's Temperature on Thermometer for Positive Pregnancy Test, Gets Trolled on Twitter.

She returned home on December 13, and the new mother now plans to go back to Hopwood College, Middleton, where she had been studying Sports Physiotherapy and mother Sheree, will help take care of the baby.  Sheree said, "The doctors said that Elodie was a miracle baby, as women with her condition often struggle to conceive or carry to full-term."