UK Woman Clueless About Pregnancy Wakes Up From Coma to Discover She’s Now Mom to a Baby Girl
Clueless Pregnant Woman(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Have you ever given a thought that someone can even get pregnant during coma phase, if not, then it's time to do so, as this incident had practically taken place in UK. A teaching assistant, Lisa Davey got admitted into the hospital with no signs of pregnancy, woke up from coma, only to discover that she has given birth to a baby girl.Keep scrolling down to read more about this case.Boyfriend Mistakes Girlfriend's Temperature on Thermometer for Positive Pregnancy Test, Gets Trolled on Twitter.

Lisa Davey had no clue whatsoever that she is expecting a baby girl, when she fell severely ill on contraction with a disease known as Sepsis. The 27 years old was rushed into A&E at Blackpool Victoria Hospital due to suspected abdominal infection in April, 2018.

Initially her tiny bump was linked to her current health condition, but later an ultrasound revealed that Lisa was actually 26 weeks pregnant and had developed a HELLP syndrome, which is blood clotting in liver. This happens quite rarely and affect very few pregnant women. Lisa's health kept on worsening which led to the start of organ failure.

Doctors somehow wanted to save both mother and baby, therefore they decided to take her to theater for a cesarian section. Lisa gave her baby the title of "Miracle Baby" and named her after her wonderful caring nurse Danielle. Her nurse used to take utmost care of her and she almost stayed three an a half hours everyday with Lisa during her coma phase. The nurse was bundled with joy when she realized that Lisa has expressed her love towards her by giving the baby her name.Smoking, Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy May Lead to Congenital Deformities of Face.

After the delivery Baby Danielle Alice Davey was transferred to the Neonatal Unit at Royal Preston Hospital for specialist care and her mum was moved to Blackpool Victoria Hospital where she woke up to discover the happy news of she becoming a mother.Ten months had passed by both the baby and mum are doing well by the Grace of God.

Source: The Sun