White Rice for Weight Loss? How to Eat Your Favourite Cereal and Still Not Gain Weight
How to eat white rice to lose weight? (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Who doesn't love rice? Eat it with dal, vegetables, chicken curry or seafood curry, rice tastes equally yummy. White rice is one of the vital staples eaten around the world. However, there is a myth related to white rice, saying that it causes weight gain. Now if you can't resist having a bit of rice with your rotis every day, don't worry. Here are ways by which you can eat your favourite white rice without gaining those extra kilos. How To Remove Starch From Rice? Cut Calories in Rice with This Simple Trick to Reduce Weight.

Even if you are on a diet and want to lose weight without skipping rice from your meal, you should adopt healthy cooking methods by which you can reduce the number of calories from white rice. According to United States Department of Agriculture(USDA), 100 g of cooked rice contains 130 calories along with 28 g carbs. The most important thing to be noted about rice is that it is gluten-free. Dal Chawal for Weight Loss? How This Protein-Rich Indian Dish Can Help You Lose Weight.

Points to be noted while cooking or eating white rice

1. Try keeping your rice salt-free, as the curry or subzi, which you will be eating it with will already have added salt.

2. The best way to cook white rice is by steaming or boiling it to retain its healthy oils.

3. If you are on a diet and planning to lose weight, then try clubbing your plain white rice with boiled chicken or boiled green leafy vegetables like spinach. This will provide your body with essential amino acids and zinc.

4. If you like jeera rice, here's some good news for you. Cumin (jeera) has been known to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Adding it to rice can improve the nutritional value of white rice.

5. The research presented in 2015 at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society claimed that adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to the water used for boiling rice can reduce the calories. It can also make the digestible starch into more resistant one, that itself could lower the number of available calories.

6. Try adding a few laung (cloves) while cooking white rice in the cooker. Clove helps regulate blood sugar, and it also contains anti-oxidants to fight inflammation.

White rice is not necessarily an unhealthy food. It is even had by athletes when they are in the carb loading phase. It can only become harmful if you add excessive oil or salt into it like people do while preparing biryani or fried rice. Most importantly, when you are on weight loss, you have to track your calorie intake, as you could only cut down by going into calorie-deficit state. If you want to enjoy white rice, you can do so as long as you stay within your daily caloric requirements.