Woman Diagnosed With Throat Tumour; Doctors Shocked to Find Two-Inch-Long Leech Inside it (Watch Viral Video)
Leech found it woman's throat (Photo Credits: Newsflare YouTube)

A video going viral on social media show doctors pulling up a live leech from a woman's throat. The patient who is a 63-year-old from Vietnam was undergoing surgery to remove a throat tumour when medics found a leech inside her throat. According to reports, the leech measured two inches and has been inside the woman's throat for over three months. The blood-sucking parasite was removed under expert guidance.

As per reports, the woman hails from northern Ha Giang Province, a mountainous region bordering China. Medical experts said that the leech could have entered the woman while bathing in spring water. She was taken to the hospital following complaints of terrible headaches for weeks. On examination, doctors were shocked to find a live leech wriggling out of her. Fourteen Cattle Worms Found in a Woman's Eye: Here Are Some Horrific Pics of Parasites Found Inside Human Body.

Watch the video below:

The video shows a medic pulling out the leech and placing it on a tray where it can be seen moving. Doctors said if she was not treated on time, it could have resulted in grave problems of sinuses. Last month, video of a doctor removing a live worm from the nose of a six-year-old girl from Vietnam had gone viral. Doctors said that the worm entered her nose while drinking water from a stream.

Video of worms or insects being removed from people's body has gone viral multiple times in the past. Earlier last year, a Russian was shocked to find out that a moving lump on her face was a worm. She later got it removed by an ophthalmologist. In another incident, doctors removed fourteen tiny worms from an Oregon woman's eye. Another disgusting video of doctors removing 57maggots from a 92-year-old woman's ear had also gone viral.