Woman’s Uterus ‘Slips’ out of Vagina after Dancing Too Hard; Everything About Uterine Prolapse You Need to Know
Uterus (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In a freak incident, a Chinese woman’s uterus “slipped” out of the body and protruded out of her vagina after a vigorous dancing session. Local reports say that the 60-year-old woman from China’s Xuzhou rushed to the doctor crying after she felt a chunk of “flesh” drop out of her body while she was dancing. Upon examination, it was discovered that the meaty protrusion was, in fact, her uterus. The organ had slipped out of her body and protruded out of her vagina.

The patient approached Dr Song Hongjuan, telling her that she felt something falling out of her vagina. She feared that she had a tumour, but the diagnosis showed that it was her uterus that “fell” out in a condition known as uterine prolapse. ‘Womb-Less’ Villages of Beed Reveal the Shocking Truth Why Many Women Here Don't Have Uteruses.

She confided in Dr Song that although her womb had slipped down and poked out of her vagina in the past, it was the first time that her entire uterus slipped out. Woman Who Received Uterus Transplant From Mother Delivers a Baby in a First-of-Its-Kind Case in India. 

Dr Song, however, dismissed the theory that vigorous dancing was the cause. She believes the prolapse could have been brought forth by childbirth, which weakened her uterus. As she aged, the organ could have grown weaker and eventually resulted in a complete prolapse.

What is Uterine Prolapse?

Uterine prolapse is a medical condition where the uterus starts slipping down from the vagina. When the connective tissues supporting the organ start weakening, the uterus eventually collapses into the vagina.

It is seen mostly in menopausal women. Pregnancy, ageing, family history, race, vaginal childbirth, obesity, constipation and chronic coughing are risk factors of the condition.

Like in the case of the Chinese patient, uterine prolapse gets worse over the years. Symptoms include vaginal fullness, pain during sex, urinary problems and constipation.

How to Prevent Uterine Prolapse?

Preventive measures for uterine prolapse include managing risk factors like chronic coughing and reducing weight. While mild cases of uterine prolapse can be treated with hormone replacement therapy, severe cases may need a vaginal hysterectomy.