The year 2020 has been all about discussions related to healthy eating and staying fit while staying indoors. Coronavirus pandemic drastically affected the daily fitness routines of people. However, there were some who managed to maintain fitness by staying indoors with the help of a smart diet and home workout. Regular workout is indeed necessary for a healthy body, however, even more than that, diet plays an integral role. Let's take a look at five eating trends that emerged in 2020. The list includes intermittent fasting, flexitarian diet and more. From Eggs to Quinoa, Here Are Five Foods You Should Eat For Strength And Lean Muscle Development.

Five Eating Trends That Emerged in 2020

1. Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It does not focus on which foods to eat, but the emphasis should be on the timing of the meal. No food is allowed during the fasting period, but you can have water, coffee, tea and other non-caloric beverages. As per a study published in the National Institute of Health, when human bodies fast, they experience reductions in blood sugar, insulin levels. The most popular way to practise intermittent fasting is by 16/8 method, where you have to fast 16 hours each day and eat only during the 8-hour window. Tips For Intermittent Fasting: From Lentils to Fresh Vegetables, Here Are Five Types of Foods You Should Eat During Eating Window.

2. Mediterranean Diet 

The Mediterranean diet has shown a low rate of heart disease, chronic disease and obesity. This eating habit mainly focuses on whole grains, good fats, vegetables, fruits, fish and very low consumption of any non-fish meat. Red meats should be eaten only on rare occasions. Also, meals should contain fewer carbohydrates under the Mediterranean diet. What Is Mediterranean Diet? Important Tips and Diet Plan for Beginners.

3. Flexitarian Diet 

The Flexitarian Diet was created by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner to help people reap the benefits of vegetarian eating while still enjoying animal products in moderation. In this diet, there is no specific rule for calorie intake or about the split for macronutrients. The focus should be more on eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and incorporate a certain amount of meats from time to time. It also says to eliminate processed food and avoid added sugar. Flexitarian diet emphasizes more on having plant-based. This can help reduce calorie intake and thereby help in weight loss and improve heart health.

4. Intuitive Eating  

Intuitive eating is quite opposite to regular diet which imposes guidelines about what to avoid and what or when to eat. Intuitive eating is an eating style that promotes a healthy attitude toward food and body image. The idea is that you should eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. The focus should be on physical movement, exercise, feeling energetic and eating foods that make you feel strong.

5. Keto Diet 

The ketogenic diet has been in trend for the past few years and this year too, it was quite popular. This diet simply states to eat more fat, mostly unsaturated healthy fats and less of carbohydrates. By this, the body turns into the ketosis state, in which fats are converted into ketones by the liver that provides energy to the body for functioning.

The above diets should give you many reasons to take a resolution for 2021 to adopt healthy eating habits. For strong immunity and fit body, it is very necessary to follow a good diet.

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