Through his "Health Business Accelerator Program", he has been teaching and guiding health professionals to grow their practices in a leveraged and scalable way.

The times we are living in right now is not what we imagined even a year back. Over the last 12 months, so much has changed, some for good and some for worse. So many individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals have been living in a dilemma after tasting a lot of failure due to what is today known as a global health pandemic, which compelled them to shut shops and businesses, leaving them with no options. However, even amidst these grim times, one thing that caught the attention of many was the prominence of the digital wave and the rise of online marketing that gave some hope to professionals across niches.

The healthcare industry is one where practice owners often do not know how to go about promoting their businesses or get their ideal clients for fear of being salesy or not having the right strategies. This is when ace entrepreneurs like James Neilson-Watt enter the picture to change the face of how healthcare professionals do and earn business. He is the brain behind 'Healthcare Business Secrets', which is an innovative training program, podcast & book series that helps health practitioners effectively get their message out & reach their ideal patients and build long serving and successful businesses.

James Neilson-Watt a modern-day entrepreneur in the healthcare niche currently based out of New Zealand says that people, especially health professionals & practice owners must know how to embrace pain, as challenges are a part of each and every industry and pain can be one of the greatest fuels for their journey to success. He shares a few tips on how to turn adversity into success.

  • Welcome adversity: Many people try to run away from their current happenings and situations in life; however, what is required here is to welcome adversity and accept the current reality of life, says James Neilson-Watt. Living in denial will not get people to their desired goals and hence, they must keep fighting, understand the root cause of the problem, own it and take gradual steps forward to overcome the same.
  • Be gutsy: James Neilson-Watt recalls how his bold decisions in his career to get into the entrepreneurial world to help other health professionals and leave his practice behind have helped him reach where he is today. He says people need to make bold moves amidst tough times and these risks can help them learn more things and propel them forward faster. People must throw away their fear of failure and make daring decisions that can help them achieve the success they seek.
  • Develop newer skills and practices: James Neilson-Watt can't emphasize enough how important it is to join hands with newer techniques and methods of the industry to rapidly grow and achieve success. This is why he became a pro at teaching and guiding healthcare professionals on online marketing to generate more clients because if you don’t adapt you’ll be left behind.

In 2019, the young health professional and entrepreneur launched an online program to help healthcare practice owners fill their practices with their ideal clients so they can generate more revenue and impact more people. Within only eight months, he grew it to multiple 7 figures and now has hundreds of healthcare practice owners worldwide and in dozens of industries that have transitioned from underpaid practitioners to well-paid business owners, in the last 12 months alone, 7 of his students have built million dollar practices.