Kanika Rana, one of the famous jewellery designer from Surat has almost completed her successful 15 years in jewellery designing.  According to her, jewellery deigning means wearing or creating a piece that looks nice and in which everyone feels special. Kanika is a person who takes life as it comes and tries to make the best out of it. She was very fascinated by diamonds and jewellery since her childhood but never thought that one day she would become a professional Jewellery Designer, and would be the founder of a leading jewellery brand. Her Passion for jewellery was born while she was rummaging through her grandmother's jewellery boxes. These precious adornments gave her fantasy, excitement and confidence which she tried to bring in her creations.

After getting married in Surat, which is also called the “Diamond City” she was in awe with the type of growth and exposure it offered. As Kanika was always fascinated by diamonds, she refined her limited knowledge by doing valuation and grading courses in Surat followed by a Jewellery designing course. She started on a small scale from home and got many orders in real diamond jewellery. This was the start of her career and her brand “Kanika Rana Fine Jewellery”. After almost 15 years of experience in real diamond jewellery, Kanika Rana has now started with a new online venture of Swarovski, semi-precious gems and kundan jewellery and later expanded into customisation jewellery.

Kanika Rana says, “Jewellery designing is a very vast and challenging field where you exactly need to know what your consumer wants. Being in loop with the current trends as any other line of work is equally important. With more than 15 years of experience, I have learnt not to be afraid of experimentation. The moment we limit ourselves in out thoughts and actions, your work starts getting affected. With the continuous urge of challenging and trying new things, Kanika Rana Fine Jewellery, expanded itself into imitation jewellery and customisation. These have now been the main area of focus for us.”  She further elaborates and says , “In my experience, I would say that every little piece of jewellery you own weaves a story about you, a little bit about your personality and a little bit about your taste. In a world where everyone is constantly finding different ways to let their individuality stand out, what better way to express your individuality than with a bespoke piece of custom jewellery designed.”

Kanika Rana is overwhelmed to get many different awards and being recognised as the Best Jewellery Designer in India. These recognitions act as an integral factor in one’s growth and she would term it as the best thing that has happened to her. Talking about business, for Kanika “return customers” are the best thing that happened. Most people who have bought from her, have come back to buy more and she has consider that to be the biggest compliment.

Speaking on the effects of recent Coronvirus pandemic on the industry Kanika says ,  “The coronavirus pandemic has crippled India’s economy. Like many industries, the jewellery industry too has been hit hard owing to a long list of cancelled or postponed events, shows, exhibitions, and weddings. As the coronavirus scare gripped potential buyers and existing clientele, the gems and jewellery industry lost its shine. But at the same, the demand and acceptance of Fine Jewellery has seen a spike. With the uncertainty of future and the unlimited options of designs which are not heavy on pockets, the demand for Fine Jewellery seems to grow. But of course, with the pandemic getting over, Jewellery industry as a whole will definitely see the boom as was expected in 2020.”

The ace jewellery designer also feels there are many celebrities who have an excellent taste in the jewellery they wear and there are many from whom she would like to design jewellery. But on the top of her list would be Mallika Arora. Mallaika is what she loves most in women: determination, feminine power, fitness freak and no fear to 'say what shall be said' in such a graceful way. Kanika loves where her business is at for the moment but would also love to see its growing on a global level. Expanding the brand from Indian to overseas market is what she has in her target list for the year 2022.