If there was a colour to describe the year of 2020, it would be blues, because that is what we all felt through the year. There was tiredness, grim sadness, loss of hope and fear throughout this year. But as it comes to an end in next few days, it is time to look ahead to the New Year 2021 positively. People have already starting sharing positive quotes and messages for Happy New Year. But other than these wishes, there are certain beliefs in different cultures about things to do at the start of a New year to bring in good luck and wealth by your side. Do you believe that colours can also affect your New Year. There are different lessons of colour psychology which lay emphasis on how certain colours affect a person's mood and thus attract qualities/things to them. Similarly, there are lucky colours for each year, and it is said that they will attract few qualities if adorned or incorporated within the home/office space. So if you want to know what are the lucky colours for 2021, we give you a list of top 7 colours. If you want to read up on lucky foods for 2021, we have listed that too.

Lucky Colours for 2021

Red For Wealth: Red may be often a symbol of love or even rage, but it is also a sign of wealth. In the Chinese New Year, red is considered very auspicious and all decorations also see the colour red. But otherwise too, the colour red is said to attract power and wealth. Using the colour in interiors of shops, hotels also attracts a lot of customers.

Green For Happiness and Healing: Don't you feel pleasant and fresh when you are surrounded by greenery. The same principle applies to the colour. Just as we say nature is healing, green induces positive feelings and happiness in a person. So you could get indoor plants in your homes to add a dash of the colour indoors.

Silver For Opportunities: Silver is one of the most precious metals today. In some folklore, it is linked to protection from the evil. But the colour symbolizes trust, purity and new opportunities. Surround yourself in silvery hues or wear a silver jewelry on the New Year's Eve to attract newer and better opportunities your way.

Yellow For Hope: Yellow is such a vibrant colour that it attracts cheerfulness. And at this point, every person is craving a bit of cheer and hope for the next year. Wearing yellow not only makes one feel positive but also attracts more smiles and interactions. It is a sign of hope. Pantone Colour(s) of Year 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Chosen to Signify Resilience and Hope.

White For New Beginnings: Similar to silver, white falls in the same hue. It also symbolises light and new beginnings. Although, in some cultures white is associated with funerals, it is symbolic of a new start. And we all need a fresh start after 2020! So white is a good choice to wear for a New Year's party.

Blue For Peace: People light up blue candles or lights in their homes ahead of the New Year's Eve for attracting peace. Blue is also said to keep away the evil eye. For professionals, blue is a colour that is said to attract more networking and thus friendships. So it is a colour of peace but can also attract more competition.

Purple For Prosperity: Purple is a colour associated with royalty and wealth in many European beliefs. Wearing purple can favour one in areas of passion, and creativity. For those looking ahead to success and prosperity in their professional lives, wear purple.

These are seven colours that are symbolic of the stated qualities. Since we all need a bit of them in the new year 2021, see how you can incorporate them in your attires or your homes, work spaces. We wish you all a Happy New Year 2021 in advance!

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