Shane Bird (@Shane Bird) is the founder of Shane Bird Coaching. He was born and raised on a farm in New Zealand. After serving in the New Zealand Army, he went back and focused his energy on farming. Given his background in farming sheep and cattle in New Zealand, Shane is intimately aware of the specific challenges and obstacles that farmers face in their day-to-day lives. 

He knows firsthand that farmers are often forced to deal with difficult situations that are out of their control and how it can affect their state of mind. When unfavorable circumstances impact a farmer’s overall mindset, it can make it hard for them to connect with their true purpose and goals. 

By Pioneering a new way to teach farmers how to implement mind growth processes, Shane teaches people from the rural industry how to make shifts within their minds so they can live with a positive mindset and reconnect with their values and objectives. 

In 2021, through his “Mastering Your Mindset Programme,” Shane has coached over 70 people worldwide, with countries including New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. With this program, he provides a safe space for participants to unwrap their old ways of thinking and implement the tools, systems, and strategies they need so they can move forward with a “Success Mindset.” 

Shane's mission is to give people resolution on life experiences so they change their behaviors, habits, and patterns and then pass on those skills to the next generation so they can go into life with a Positive Mindset.

If you are looking for a “Mindshift,” then visit to get in touch with Shane and his team.