A full-time gamer, and a partnered streamer on Facebook gaming, OGL has proven with his inclusion in the top 100, that he is unstoppable in the online gaming arena. Even prior to this exceptional achievement by OGL, he was a guy among the major leagues. A top ranked Fortnite player globally, his skillset being the sole reason, to render him the entitlement as the OnlyGuyLeft, abbreviated as the OGL.

Jake Filicicchia aka OGL, is one of the few names in the online gaming world, who have a habit of procuring the stage all to themselves. Currently established in Boston, Massachusetts, and a partnered streamer on Facebook Gaming, he has acquired the #1 in the state of Massachusetts, competing against the elite gamers for Fortnite wins.

Globally, he has been showcasing the adeptness of an over-the-top gamer and has been dominating the Fortnite arena.  Etching his name in the history of one of the most played online games in the world, it seems OGL is stepping nearer to his dream of procuring the #1 globally, with each match. 

Not an easy feat and evidently, it’s not everyday, you break the TOP 100 in one of the most online games in the history. Competing against the top players of the game, this splendid gamer has killed ninja, nickmercs, faze sway and hundreds more. His match with the prominent and most successful gaming celebrity in the world, Ninja, is available on Facebook to watch. One could also watch him competing against Faze Nate Hill by heading to his Facebook profile.

With breaking the top 100,  he has acquired 97th place in the world in Fortnite wins, with a total of 6,206 Wins with 95,000+ Kills. OGL is 57th, ranked globally for solo wins. A fanbase of 1,00,000+ on his social profiles, including FB, Instagram and twitter, he has vowed to become the best and the last player standing and is on his way to #1.