Cybersex Tips: From Hot Webcam Sex To Online Dirty Talking, 5 Things To Keep In Mind!
Cybersex (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It is quarantine time, and there is no better way to fulfil your sexual fantasies than to have cybersex. For those who do not know, cybersex is also called online sex, internet sex, netsex or cybering is one way you can sexually stimulate yourself and your partner virtually. This is one way to get closer to physical sex like feeling. While we practise social distancing, it is important to not indulge in any kind of physical contact to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Love Sending Nudes While Sexting? Tips To Send Hot Naked Pics To Your Boyfriend. 

Although, the virus isn't spread via intercourse, per se but the rest of your body will come in contact and that way you can spread the virus. Cybersex proves to be one of the best resorts in times like this. With the partner you trust, you can use video calling services like skype or Whatsapp video call to get a little steamy! However, both men and women might want to keep a few things in mind:

Webcam Sex

Webcam sex is a safe option, however, the execution may be tricky. You must have a conversation with your partner beforehand about what you want to do whether it is sexy role play or a stripteases session, you can go as creative as you want. Sexting Hacks: Dirty Texts To Send To Your Man This Boyfriend's Day.

Online Dirty Talking

Sexting is another great option, however, remember to not break the flow and decide beforehand how you want to go about it. Of course, you must have the consent of your partner and whether or not are they even into it. Sex And Coronavirus Memo: NYC Health Department Goes Graphic, Says 'No Group Sex' And Shares Other Tips. 

Sending Nudes

Sending nudes is not just about sending naked pictures to each other but about how creative can you get with it. Right from the captions to your expressions to your props, you can do so much with your nudes.

Voice Notes ASMR

Some people are really into sexy ASMR via voice notes, you can really go out and about when it comes to sending dirty voice notes to each other. Right from saying everything you want to do to them to even telling fictional sex stories, you can see how it works for you and your partner.

Even if you are planning have sex with the partner you are in quarantine with, you must follow the coronavirus prevention tips. TV medical expert Dr Mehmet Oz says that people who are not leaving their homes and are stuck inside their homes can have sex. Dr Oz said in a TMZ video that "the best solution if you’re holed up with your significant other, quarantined, is having sex. You’ll live longer, get rid of the tension."