Losing your virginity on your wedding night can give you butterflies in the stomach. While you’re all excited to experience what sex feels like, you’re also nervous because you don’t want anything awkward or embarrassing to happen to either of you. The first time is always full of mixed feelings and it’s ok to not ‘plan’ things and just go with the flow. Here are 5 sex moves that virgins can try on their wedding night.

Missionary Position

The safest and easiest position is the missionary position aka the guy on top. It’s basically what most of us imagine because that’s what we grow up watching in movies and shows all the time. So, the reason why the missionary position might work is primarily that it isn’t an uncomfortable position. Both of you are very well-acquainted with it so there are absolutely no surprises there.

The Faceoff Position

One of the most sensuous positions is the faceoff position. Grab a chair and let your partner sit on it while you sit on him. This will bring you both in contact with one of the most erogenous zones, the neck, while you use your hands to explore each other’s bodies.

Doggy Style

Now one might think that Doggy style is especially for those who have already have had sex multiple times. However, ‘prior experience’ isn’t a criterion here. The doggy style can be a pretty exciting position given that you’re both going to attempt it for the first time. For the penetration to happen smoothly, you will have to ensure that you’re using a lube. Also, don’t rush into it or feel nervous about it. Just relax, put on some lube and try the position to experience what sexual pleasure feels like, with the doggy style.

Losing your virginity on the wedding night can also be stressful for some couples as they may not be prepared for it. Always remember that there’s no pressure of having sex when you’re not ready to. Instead of penetration, newlyweds can also try going down on each other to spice up their sex life. This will not only give them a first-hand experience of blowjobs (for both men and women) but will also make them experience a mind-blowing orgasm, if done right!

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