Suraj Beera is a globally well-known musician ,entrepreneur and digital creator who is best recognised for his musical album “Enter my world” which created new records on Spotify with 1,00,000 streams within a week of its release. His is praised for hs excellent travel cinematography and, more importantly, his two incredibly successful travel health and nutrition management startups.

He's worked on a range of projects and advertisements for many brands, and he's currently attempting to bring people together through. He is a firm believer in the power of positive storytelling and the production of ideas that have an impact on individuals, communities, brands, and the environment.

Suraj Beera is a well-known social media personality for his one-of-a-kind travel film creations with his musical album “Enter my World” and his diet management startup “Your Diet Manager” as well as his social endeavours for a better living in India.

He's also documented and started a campaign to raise awareness about the latest wildfires in Turkey and Greece. Suraj Beera directed a commercial for Pepsi Global that featured Leo Messi. He believes that travel has a positive impact on the world. It broadens your horizons, develops cultural understanding, and fosters a sense of community, according to him. It strengthens economies, creates jobs, and improves communities.

As a result, he believes that tourism has the capacity to reshape destinations, stimulate the economy, and improve people's lives.