Soeng Chatvichea is someone who has been consistently engaged in helping, motivating, and inspiring people towards their best. His remarkable contribution and journey of earnest efforts and dedication is nothing less than legendary. 

Mission Business, DrExpress logistic Co.,LTD, and SCV Finance Pawn Shop, Master Life Business Club and Real Estate, are the four widely recognized startups initiated by Soeng Chatvichea apart from being an award-winning marketing influencer, author of a best entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker ranked number one in Cambodia. In spite of all the hardships and challenges he faced as a child, Soeng Chatvichea outstandingly overcame it all and made his name a shining success.

Learning from his experiences and mistakes, he aspires to do the same for others as well. From a life full of negativity and failure, he aims to help people witness the very magic of positivity and encouragement.

MasterLife Club - MLC is an established by Soeng Chatvichea, which provides people with a personal life, knowledgeable, motivation​​ and about business who assists them in finding a way out. It prioritizes the mental well-being of an individual and helps them fight back against anything that brings them down. Through his innumerable motivational programs, videos, and workshops, he has inspired over 2 million individuals. 

In present times, Soeng Chatvichea is not just a motivational speaker but the very face of public trust and confidence.Owing to his knowledge and experience, he has made a significant difference in the life of many. His contribution is not just limited to the website, as he is also associated with many notable personalities from the entertainment industry. 

On an endless journey of hustle and exploration, Soeng Chatvichea continues widening his horizons and working earnestly with all his dedication and will. His love and passion for his profession are what drive him through the most challenging days, with the main aim of reaching out to more and more people and helping them rebuild their lives for the better.