Over the years, Indian sports have become just a passive form of entertainment. They have transcended the bounds of Indian living rooms with the emergence of the concept of fantasy sports. This novel form of sports promised the Indian sports enthusiasts a unique opportunity to become active participants in their favourite sport. Nitesh Yadav is a budding influencer, YouTuber and fantasy sports zealot who is leading the Indian fantasy sports landscape with his YouTube channel Sports Fantasy Guruji.

A fantasy sport is a subcategory of online gaming where people create a virtual team with real-life players from a particular league like the Indian Premier League (IPL). This gives the players an opportunity to come closer and feel connected to real-life sporting experiences and their favourite players. The fantasy sports platforms have long been a part of the Indian online gaming ecosystem. However, it was only in 2017 when the internet boomed because of free 4g internet by Jio and most Indians had easy access to the internet when fantasy sports began to gain momentum in India. Using this break, Nitesh started to publish fantasy sports content.

Also known as Guruji, this 24-year old fantasy gaming YouTuber belongs from Haryana and curates all the latest updates, news and insights with an aim to help players earn money through well-informed decisions. Technological advancement coupled with Indian’s love for cricket has contributed to the rapid growth of Indian fantasy sports. Nitesh uses his platform to take this passion for fantasy sports to another level. He live-streams game predictions, player stats and all other related information to quench the thirst of his audience. He has also started to lever data science in their predictions to offer more detailed, in-depth and insightful fantasy predictions. This has made him the first Indian Youtube fantasy channel to bring data science to fantasy prediction.

Sports Fantasy Guruji shares, “When I started my channel my goal was simply to entertain and educate with my viewers. I am seeking to drive more people into the realm of fantasy gaming so that they can monetize their mind skills and sports knowledge. The sector is still in its nascent stage but in the post-pandemic period and with the launch of so many fantasy sports platforms, Indian fantasy sports is bound to grow exponentially.”

Riding on his informative and innovative fantasy content, Sports Fantasy Guruji has already built a Youtube community comprising more than 300,000 members. During the IPL 2021, they have become the first Indian fantasy Youtube channel to host a former International Indian cricketer named NamanOjha on their channel for match preview and analysis. Moreover, Nitesh is growing at a pace that will make a leading figure in the Indian fantasy Social media link