Louise Mathias is unique. She is a qualified Barrister | Mediator who coaches legal professionals, leaders, and professional services personnel as a certified High-Performance™, Emotional Intelligence and Daring Leadership Coach and Consultant. Louise is what legal professionals, leaders, and professional services have been missing to perform at optimal levels in all areas of their lives. She understands the unrelenting stress, imposter syndrome, and fears that hinder professionals’ performance.

She assists them in reaching their full potential, on their "A" game, with vibrancy and confidence.  Her track record speaks for itself as Louise’s clientele includes legal professionals, leaders in law and government, HR, and accounting. Visit her website louisemathias.com.au for more information.

“Confidence is your relationship with yourself, the value you hold for your abilities, skills, and talents.”

Louise has three proven practices for everyone interested in boosting their confidence:

  1. “Get clear on who you are now, who you aspire to be, what you stand for, and your non-negotiable values.  Live your life with daily intention, to show up as the best version of yourself. Essential. Confident people ask themselves, ‘how would the best, most confident version of me - show up, act, interact, think, and feel today?’ Set daily intentions to live your life congruently, internally, and externally, as the best, most confident version of you.”
  2. “Are you aware of your thoughts? If you lack confidence, you’ll probably have a harsh internal bully intimidating you. Most people get frustrated with their thoughts because they haven’t done the work to discipline their minds.  Pay attention to your thoughts and force your mind to redirect and challenge your automatic negative thoughts and feelings.  Communicate with yourself empathically.  Your negative bully isn’t supporting you, and it isn't the truth. Take consistent positive ‘action’ despite the bully.  Focus on the next positive, confident thought, feeling, and action.”
  3. “When was the last time you gave yourself credit for being good at something? Look at how far you’ve already come! You're already skilled, but you dismiss it because you aren’t perfect at it, or you may not be the absolute best, or you think it’s too insignificant, and you aren’t a gazillionaire yet. Don’t wait to give yourself credit only when ‘you’ve made it.’  You’ll boost your confidence when you give yourself credit daily. Be consciously grateful for your current skills, talents, and abilities, knowing they can be improved with learning, practice and growth.  Celebrate your daily wins of improvement. When you’re aware of your value, believing you’re capable of overcoming obstacles now, with a positive ambition for your future. You’ll feel confident.”

 Take Action

Professionals who succeed at high levels master high-performance strategies, habits, and practices. They engage in challenging, supportive conversations, stay open to new ways of getting ahead because their current thinking, feelings, and actions got them here, and get to the next level; mindset changes, adding new habits and approaching life with more courage confidence and vibrancy. “What’s your next step to improve?”