Haunted Halloween Tour in Mumbai: Go to These 5 Spooky Places Around the City Which Have Mysterious Spirits
Haunted spots in Mumbai (Photo credits: Instagram)

Are you feeling some spook in the air as Halloween is nearby? The festival that celebrates the return of the dead is enjoyed very enthusiastically by the Westerners. Dressing up scary, choosing haunted characters, watching scary movies or attending haunting-theme parties people ensure they have a memorable Halloween. But over the years the traditions have not just remained in foreign countries but people in India too celebrate the festival. There are Halloween parties organised at several places. But if you want to do something different then how about going on a haunted tour in the city? Well, Mumbai does have some haunted spots. Halloween 2018 Celebrations: When, Why, How and Everything About the Origin of This Spooky Festival. 

As much as we talk of the metropolis, it has its share of spooky spots to offer. There are few places in the city which have haunted stories spinning around them and you could explore them during the day-time if you want to get some feels of the Halloween day. We give you a list of 5 haunted spots in Mumbai. Halloween Costume Ideas 2018: Devil Costume Inspirations That Will Make Your Halloween Both Evil and Sexy. 

Mukesh Mills, Colaba


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This is the first names that come up when you talk of haunted places in the city. Once upon a time, a functioning mill, it has a scary past. The mill was gutted down in the fire in the year 1870 but since then there are mysterious shadows dwelling here. Locals around the place have experienced shadows following them and it is said that certain film crew members too have got unnerving sensations here.

D'Souza Chawl, Mahim

The chawl settlement is a popular settlement in the city but there is a spirit of an old man here. The old woman died by falling in a well and since then it is said her shadows follow the residents. People here have seen an apparition, strange figure moving around at night, but it causes no harm.

Poonam Chambers, Worli

The residential complex in Worli has seen major tragedies, leaving behind spurned spirits. There were the bomb blasts of 1993 and a wall crash incident in the year 1997 at this building complex. It is said that spirits of several people remained trapped under the rubbles here. The residential place is among the notoriously haunted places in this city. The watchmen and security guards at multiple instances have reported of experiencing strange noises at night.

Tower of Silence, Malabar Hills


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A location that looks dreadful and has all spooky vibes to it is the Tower of Silence associated with the Parsi ritual of leaving the dead bodies in open for vultures to feed on. So even walking from this area is an image of walking along rotting dead bodies! Does it give you the scary feels? Beware of the smell in the ambience, which only adds to the unpleasantness around such places.

St. John's Church, Andheri


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St. John's Baptist church in Andheri is about 500 years old and no one really dares to explore it closely. Currently lying in the ruins it is said to house some spirit of a young bride. The spirit used to scare off people visiting the temple so the locals decided to call a priest for an exorcism. The exorcism could not be completed as the presence of the spirit was stronger and it disrupted it. Since then no one goes around this premises.

These are some of the places in the city which are said to be haunted. But let us tell you these are not the only ones. The Taj Mahal hotel near Gateway of India, the road leading to Madh Marve beach, SNDT College, Bombay High Court are also some of the places in the city which have records of spooky ghostly presence. We advise you to take along a group of friends and a good guide if you plan to go out and visit these places. Wish you all a Happy Halloween!