After sitting for months at home, aren't you hoping you'd at least be stuck up in a better place? Be in the mountains or the beaches? Well, now you can because Bermuda Islands is opening up for remote stays and that too for a year. All you have to be is above 18 with active health insurance and proof of employment. The British Overseas Territory is opening for remote working, a trend that's coming up in the time of this pandemic. If you are keenly interested to apply, read on. Work From Home 'Not' A Blessing Amid COVID-19 Pandemic as JLL Survey Shows 80% Indian Employees Miss Going to Office.

A lot of people's travel plans for this year have gone for a toss. Even travelling within the country is a cause of concern given the social distancing protocols to be followed at all times. As countries are also affected by the economic depression, Bermuda which relies heavily on the same industry is opening its doors to visitors for year-long stays. People can visit the islands, stay on for a year and continue to work remotely, but from a much pleasant view of blue waters on beautiful beaches. We know you are tempted but it definitely comes at a cost. Can Work from Home Harm Your Health? From Heightened Risk of Cardiovascular Disease to Depression, Here's Are the Side Effects of Logging in From Home Office!

The residency certificate of stay for a year costs $263/£207. That's close to Rs 20,000. That's just the certificate, other costs will be yours. If you do not want to commit for a longer stay you can extend the tourist visa to Bermuda for 6 months. The applications open on August 1. You will have to fill the form and submit it on the government website. Bermuda's minister of labour Jason Hayward said in a statement, "The trend towards remote working has been accelerated by Covid-19. These visitors can reside in Bermuda without seeking employment on the island and will promote economic activity for our country without displacing Bermudians in the workforce."

So as long as you have a COVID-19 negative certificate from your country, active health insurance and monetary support to yourself, how about working from a beachfront. But check if there are flight options available from your country, as India hasn't yet resumed its international flight operations.

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